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Which house are you quarantining in?

That’s right folks...we’ve brought Twitter memes to an actual post on the blog.

Indiana v Wisconsin Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Good morning everyone! Hopefully you are having a good weekend and aren’t stressing out because it is supposed to snow on Easter Sunday where you live and your 3-year old daughter really wants an outdoor Easter egg hunt. Which...may or may not be happening in my house.

Anyways, as a fun (hopefully) thought exercise, and because I am terminally online, I decided to bring Twitter memes to the site today for us to discuss. If you aren’t familiar with this particular meme, which is basically “quarantine house,” here is an example:

You get a house with a group of people in it and then you have to decide where you’d want to spend the next couple of weeks, or whatever indeterminate amount of time.

I didn’t want to do “just Wisconsin football players” or “just Wisconsin basketball head coaches you want fired because of no good reasons” because that’s boring. So here’s how we are going to do it. This is going to be an all-inclusive Wisconsin edition of the game with a few more twists.

Each house is going to have two hosts: one Wisconsin Badgers beat writer and one state of Wisconsin adjacent athlete. The hosts are going to be serving Wisconsin related food and drinks, which will be different for each house, they’ll be airing a Wisconsin related sporting event each evening, which will be different for each house, and you’ll be allowed to play one Wisconsin related card game (spoiler: it’s either sheepshead, cribbage or euchre).

Does this make sense to everyone?

Let’s take a look at the houses!

House 1

Hosts: Jesse Temple and J.J. Watt

Serving: The Old Fashioned’s menu and any beer from Ale Asylum

On the TV: Brewers win over the Cubs in Game 163 to win NL Central

Card game: Euchre

House 2

Hosts: Jake Kocorowski and Giannis Antetokounmpo

Serving: Culver’s and Brandy Old Fashioneds (however you take them so we don’t have a freaking meltdown in the comments)

On the TV: Packers vs. Cowboys 2017 Divisional Round playoff game

Card game: Cribbage

House 3

Hosts: Zach Heilprin and Aaron Rodgers

Serving: All day breakfast from Mickie’s Dairy Bar and Bloody Mary’s from Sobelman’s in Milwaukee

On the TV: Kentucky was undefeated and then played Wisconsin in the Final Four in 2015...I wonder what happened next?

Card game: Sheepshead

House 4

Hosts: Jeff Potrykus and Christian Yelich

Serving: Brats, burgers, cheese and meat platters, you know...tailgate food and any New Glarus beer (even Spotted Cow!)

On the TV: Super Bowl XLV: Packers vs. Steelers

Card game: Euchre

House 5

Hosts: Evan Flood and Ron Dayne

Serving: Fried cheese curds from Ellsworth, a fish boil from Door County and frozen custard from Kopp’s in Milwaukee

On the TV: 2010 Wisconsin vs. Ohio State football

Card game: Cribbage

House 6

Hosts: Melissa Kim and Frank Kaminsky

Serving: Plaza Burgers, Ian’s Mac & Cheese pizza and the cocktail list from Merchant

On the TV: 2006 NCAA Men’s Hockey Tournament...all of the games.

Card game: Sheepshead