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How to watch: B5Q chess challenge vs. LSU (And the Valley Shook!)

8:00 p.m. tonight, B5Q opens up its non-conference schedule against Zachary Junda from And the Valley Shook!

LSU v Wisconsin Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

What: B5Q’s Bob Wiedenhoeft (0-0 overall, 0-0 B1G) vs. And the Valley Shook’s Zachary Junda (0-0 overall, 0-0 SEC)

When: Friday, April 10th, 8:00 p.m. Central Time

Streaming info: Bucky’s 5th Quarter’s YouTube channel:

Don’t know much about chess? Don’t worry! I will provide some running commentary to explain what’s going on.

If everything works correctly, it should be embedded here:

Tweetin’ info:

Bucky’s 5th Quarter: @B5Q

Bob Wiedenhoeft: @rwiedenhoeft

Zachary Junda: @ZacharyJunda


The rapid time control will be game in 15 minutes with a 10 second increment. Each game is worth one point; a draw is worth 0.5 points. If one player gets 1.5 or more points, they win. If the match is tied after two games, we will move into overtime.

  • Overtime 1: two games at 3/2 time control; 1.5 points wins
  • Overtime 2: two games at 1/1 time control; 1.5 points wins
  • Overtime 3: two games a 1/0 time control; 1.5 points wins. Repeat overtime 3 format until a winner is decided.

Scouting report

Junda is a heckuva writer, which makes me glad this isn’t a writing competition. Unrated by the United States Chess Federation, he comes into this as a bit of an unknown.

Junda’s twitter bio reads: “Covering LSU and the New Orleans Pelicans for SB Nation. Covering the Titans for USA Today’s SMG. Proud lefty. Ain’t no thing like me ‘cept me”

We can deduce a couple things from this. He is either ideologically liberal, or he moves his chess pieces primarily with his left hand. Neither of these help us out. Whelp.

Also, it’s a little hard to relate to Junda:

Future schedule:

vs. The Daily Gopher; Thursday, April 16, 8 p.m. CT (exact time tentative)