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Wisconsin basketball: holy crap this team is actually the B1G champions

A roundup of Twitter reactions from former Badgers, reporters and fans.

@BadgerMBB; UW Communications

Yesterday was not a dream. The No. 24 Wisconsin Badgers (21-10 overall, 14-6 B1G) came back from a nine point deficit in the second half against the Indiana Hoosiers (19-12 overall, 9-11 B1G) on the road to clinch at least a share of the B1G title.

I know. It is hard to believe. Way back a whole month ago, the Badgers had just been absolutely decimated at Minnesota and were losers of three of four. They sat at 6-6 in conference and they had just lost a starter and were about to lose a strength coach. Then, instead of packing it in they decided to win every damn game left on the schedule.

A number of former players had thoughts on the brand new B1G champion Badgers.

From the mildly spicy

to the incredibly spicy

former Badgers were out in full force to defend Greg Gard and rub it in the faces of the haters and losers, of whom there are many.

I can’t even imagine how special this if for Alando Tucker who took the job as interim assistant coach just before the season under horribly sad circumstances and, by all accounts, has been a real credit to the staff and team. I hope he has a long and successful coaching career ahead of him.

Even current free agent linebacker (::poke Eagles with a stick::) Joe Schobert let everyone know.

National media members were also quick to join in with praise of potential B1G Coach of the Year Gard and the Badgers.

Wisconsin fans were, obviously, ecstatic about the win.

Ryan was so excited he went to Culver’s!

And finally let’s take a look at the sights and sounds from the celebration in the locker room and back at the Kohl Center in Madison.

Look at how happy Micah Potter is! What an incredibly rewarding season for the transfer who had to sit and watch while his team struggled out of the gate because the NCAA is stupid.

Get your tissues ready.

It spreads.

The Badgers also held an impromptu pep rally at the Kohl Center on Saturday afternoon after they flew home from Indiana. Brad Davison looking like someone’s kid brother in this photo lmao.

The Wisconsin coaching staff has done one of the best, if not the best, jobs of any coaching staff in the country. Every award and plaudit that Gard receives is well deserved and earned.

Say what you will about Brad Davison, and we have, but he does NOT lack for confidence nor does he shy away from the big shot. Every team needs a player like that.

And just for comparison, here’s how things were in the other locker room on Saturday. Looooooool.