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Wisconsin basketball Bracketology report: what seed does the best team in the best conference get?

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That team? The Wisconsin Badgers, y’all!

Northwestern v Wisconsin
Coach, which way did the best team in the B1G go?
Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Bracketologists may have been skeptical of the Wisconsin Badgers before this past week, but now that UW is tied for first place in the toughest conference in the land, and because of tie-breakers is the No. 1 seed in the conference tourney, people are starting to take notice of ol’ Greg Gard and the boys.

When we last did this exercise, the Badgers were a 5-seed in Joe Lunardi’s bracket. Literally later that day, he moved Wisconsin up to the 4-line as the No. 16 team in the country. The Badgers could not be denied. Lunardi hasn’t updated his full bracket since March 2nd (he notes on Twitter that a new update is coming on Friday) but he has been updating his top-16 every night and...

There the Badgers remain at a 4-seed! Pretty crazy if you ask me. The team that lost to New Mexico in Brooklyn is now being picked to make the Sweet 16! What a world!!

Anyway, since Lunardi won’t have a new bracket to look over until tomorrow, let’s see what other people have to say about the Badgers from around the infotubes.

We will have another update for you, possibly tomorrow, with where the Badgers stand with only one game remaining in the regular season.