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Wisconsin video games: results and rankings after Week 3

The Virtual Badgers had a bye to formulate a game plan for their trip to Ann Arbor.


The Virtual Wisconsin Badgers are 2-0 on the young season and are coming off of a bye week where they were, hopefully, working on a gameplan that will allow them to score more than zero points in the first they did against Central Michigan.

The rest of the B1G had an up and down Week 2 before the Badgers got the chance to hang out on the couch. The Michigan Wolverines got a big rivalry win over Notre Dame before they welcome UW to The Big House in a couple of weeks. Northwestern and Rutgers continued to be...terrible. Penn State beat Eastern Michigan (who the Badgers will play after Michigan), which is the only game I couldn’t fit in the picture.

During Week 3, Iowa lost Iowa State and RUTGERS GOT A WIN AGAINST EASTERN MICHIGAN! Holy crap, EMU must be bad. Also, Notre Dame lost their second straight game to a B1G foe.

The Heisman watch is starting to shape up into a more realistic list after the preseason list contained offensive linemen and backup players. It’s pretty impressive that there are four B1G running backs on the list, although Texas A&M’s backup QB is still holding onto that top spot.

The Badgers moved up to No. 14 after the bye week after a number of teams were upset in Week 3. You really hate to see that Alabama has started off the season 0-2. If Wisconsin can go on the road and beat Michigan they’ll probably move into the top-10!

No. 4 Ohio State is travelling to Lincoln to plan No. 18 Nebraska as well this week for the second of two titanic early season B1G matchups. Will No. 1 Clemson play another game this season or just try and coast to the national title game on the heels of being 1-0? I guess we’ll see!