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Wisconsin video games: Week 1 results

Let’s take a look around the rest of the B1G and see how everyone is doing.

The virtual Wisconsin Badgers are off to a 1-0 start on the season after dismantling the virtual USF Bulls in the season opener. How did the rest of the B1G do? Is Jonathan Taylor going to score six (actually five, but who is counting) touchdowns a game? Did Indiana lose to an FCS team????????

First of all, Taylor was named NCAA and B1G Offensive Player of the Week for his Week 1 performance where he rushed for 156 yards and scored five times. As mentioned before, the game has him scoring six times for some reason, but that is not true. It WILL help him in the race for postseason awards however.

Taylor has also moved himself into the early season Heisman Trophy discussion after his monster performance. Joining Alabama’s center and Texas A&M’s backup quarterback...really weird choices, NCAA 14.

We can also take a look at how the B1G did as a confe...and holy shit did Indiana lose to an FCS team?!?!?!

Jesus, what a rough week for the conference! Rutgers gets shutout by Fresno State and Northwestern gets dominated by Cal. Woof.

Even most teams that won barely won. The Gophers eked by UNLV, Ohio State won by a field goal against Buffalo and Nebraska needed OT to beat Wyoming by a field goal. None of those games were against teams you’d call...good.

Holy cow did Purdue get their doors blown off by Cincinnati!

The Badgers held steady at No. 19 in the polls and were jumped by Virginia Tech who beat previous No. 2 (and current No. 12) Alabama while No. 3 Georgia fell to No. 16 after losing to Ole Miss.

Week 2’s game against Central Michigan has been completed and we will post about it early next week!