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Wisconsin basketball: the final rankings are despicable and everyone involved with them should never discuss college basketball again

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If Duke or Kentucky were the national champions this year they would NEVER be disrespected like this!

NCAA Basketball: Wisconsin at Indiana Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The 2020 national champion and B1G champion Wisconsin Badgers who haven’t lost a game in months moved up one freaking spot in the last AP Poll and stayed put in the final Coaches Poll. NOT know what to do with this information. It is disrespectful, disgusting and downright diabolical what the “powers that be” are trying to do to Wisconsin basketball. Not only won’t they recognize the fact that the Badgers won the national title this year (based on a simulation, whatever, fuck you) they won’t even put Wisconsin in the top-15??????

Anyway, the AP has the Badgers at No. 17 and the Coaches slots the Badgers in at No. 19. Disgraceful.

The rest of the B1G has some teams in the top-25 too, but none of them won the national title so they aren’t really that important. The Michigan State Spartans are No. 9 in the AP and No. 12 in the Coaches, the Maryland Terrapins are No. 12/11, the Ohio State Buckeyes are No. 19/18, the Illinois Fighting Illini are No. 21/22 and the Iowa Hawkeyes are No. 25/25.

The top-fives are the same as last week except that the Baylor Bears moved up to No. 4 over the Florida State Seminoles in the Coaches Poll because why the fuck not? Nothing matters if the national champions are going to be ranked in the high teens, right?

As far as other, more analytically inclined rankings go here is where Wisconsin is ranked (through 3/12/20):

Math too. Math is a liar sometimes.