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Wisconsin basketball Bracketology report: Joe Lunardi loves the Badgers

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Well, well, well how the turn tables...

NCAA Basketball: Minnesota at Wisconsin Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past few weeks the Wisconsin Badgers men’s basketball team has been on a tear. Winners of six games in row, the Badgers are hitting their stride at the right time as we enter into the early days of March. Despite that though, Wisconsin appeared to be stuck in an unfavorable spot in NCAA tournament projections. Just last week the Badgers were still sitting on the 8-seed line in that release.

Now however, it appears the tides have turned. Yes, it appears our smear campaign of Joe Lundari’s hate for the Badgers has paid off as he’s finally giving Wisconsin some respect. In fact, after Sunday’s win against Minnesota the Badgers made a huge jump up in seeding for the NCAA tournament.

In Monday’s release, Lundari projected the Badgers as a 5-seed in the South Region where they would play in... Spokane, Washington? Regardless of the geography that always puzzles me, the Badgers appear to be in a much better spot. In this 5/12 matchup the Badgers would be taking on the 12-seed Yale Bulldogs. The winner of that would take on the winner of the 4/13 match-up between the Oregon Ducks (plz no) and the New Mexico State Aggies. In just five days, with two big wins, the Badgers have made a giant jump forward out of the dreaded 8-spot.

With two games to play before heading to Indianapolis for the Big Ten Tournament, the Badgers appear to be in a great spot. Honestly, if I could take this projection and lock it in right now, I would. Sure the Badgers might be able to move up a little bit to a four seed, but overall a 5/12 would be a great spot to be in after the seasons this team has endured. One change I would like to make is taking on Oregon in round two, because frankly I am tired of seeing those damn Ducks year after year.

As the season wraps up, Bracketology expert Joe Lundari will release a new tournament projection on a nightly basis. To keep up with this, we will release a similar short write up after each Wisconsin basketball contest to see how the tournament takes shape up to Selection Sunday.