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*simulated by ESPN, but whatever...HANG THAT BANNER!

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I know you remember the national title game against BYU as well as I do. It was the biggest night in Wisconsin Badgers basketball history, after all. The Badgers beat the Cougars to claim the 2020 national championship...via ESPN’s simulated tournament that they posted on Wednesday morning...and we’ve all been celebrating on State Street since the final buzzer. Important note: in this alternate reality no one is having to quarantine because the coronavirus doesn’t exist and we are all smooching each other on the cheek in celebration.

Wisconsin beat North Texas, Liberty, Marquette (LMAOOOOO EAT IT MARQUETTE!), DUKE (YESSSSS VENGEANCE IS OURS!), Maryland and BYU on their way to the title. Nate Reuvers apparently led all scorers in the title game with 16 which, again, I know you remember vividly. Because this all happened. In real life.

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