B5Q Alone Together: Starter Jackets

Hello B5Q readers. In the spirit of social distancing and isolation, I have decided to start a series of fanposts called B5Q Alone Together in which we can discuss all minutiae related to our beloved Badgers to help us all pass the time in this sports vacuum. Will anyone join in, or will I just talk into the void? Who knows?!

Today's topic: Starter jackets! I'm in my 30's, so I grew up in the glory days of Starter jackets. My first one was a black Green Bay Packers pull-over when I was in 3rd grade. I remember when I got it, my dad said that if anyone threatened me with a knife, that I should just give them the jacket. I didn't know until much later that there had apparently been several knife and gun robberies of Starter jackets nationwide (I grew up in Plover, WI - home of Oso Brewery! - not exactly a high crime area. Also, Oso is awesome. You can find it around Madison). But not knowing the context, I was terrified, and didn't wear my jacket for almost a year; and then carefully turning every corner looking for a knife-wielding maniac. At about the same time I got over my fear of being stabbed to death while wearing a Starter jacket, I also got a Badgers one. It was the one with the 'block W Bucky' on the back. Elementary school was awesome: Twice a day we would go out side and play football in our Starter jackets. I always wore my Badger one on Friday (usually with my Carl McCullough #13 jersey underneath) and my Packers one on Monday, if they had won. One of our friends had a Starter jacket that was a full-zip (not the standard pull-over) and we mocked him mercilessly. Still do in fact. Anyway, did anyone else rep Starter back in the day? How awesome were Starter pullovers? Anyone still wear Starter? Let's discuss!

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