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Wisconsin video games: replaying last season on NCAA 14 part two

Now we’ll take a look at the offensive side of the ball.

If you missed it, we discussed the defensive side of the ball earlier this weekend. It sounds like we are probably going to have to edit the defensive tackle position because the Operation Sports roster creators were very unfair to Bryson Williams and Keeanu Benton. Otherwise, everything looked great there.

Now, to the offense!

Offensive tackle

While Cormac Sampson ended up playing tight end in real life, we are just going to keep him at RT because he’s back there now and, well, there are already too many TEs on the roster as you’ll see later. I think we should try and redshirt Logan Brown and just pray that Cole Van Lanen doesn’t get hurt.

Offensive guard

With six guards on the roster, we are definitely going to redshirting Joe Tippmann. Having this many guards also allows us to feel better about redshirting Brown because we can just slide one of the guards out to be an emergency fourth tackle if we need it. I’m feeling better already.


The center position is in great hands. Tyler Biadasz is a problem for opposing defenses and Kayden Lyles should be a solid 90+ player by the time he is a senior.

Tight end

We have one million TEs on the roster which is kind of a bummer for a roster building standpoint, but again, we’ll deal with this like champions. Gabe Lloyd and Luke Benzschawel are already redshirted because they got injured in real life. Now, I’m going to propose we redshirt Hayden Rucci instead of Clay Cundiff because Rucci will be a better player NEXT year if he sits out, while Cundiff could develop a couple of points if he gets any playing time. Ideally, the third TE won’t be used much and if it comes down to it we can always burn Rucci’s redshirt.

Wide receiver

Lots of depth here. Stephen Bracey will be redshirted obviously. I believe Aron Cruickshank is listed as a senior so he’ll be off the team next year since you can’t force a player to transfer in this game. Otherwise, the only thing I might change is making Cruickshank faster, but that seems like a minor quibble.


Everything looks great here. Just two beefy boys ready to crack some skulls.


Holy buckets is Jonathan Taylor a beast in this game. He’s going to be SO FUN to play with. We’ll be redshirting Julius Davis for sure and I think he could end up as the highest rated RB next year because of it. A lot to like there.


I’m going to leave this up to you, the readership of this fine blog, do we redshirt Graham Mertz? I can’t decide. My gut says “yes” and while I love the thought of having Mertz for four years and four national titles and four Heismans that also seems unlikely.

As some added stats:

Coan: 85 THP, 84 THA
Mertz: 84 THP, 81 THA
Wolf: 83 THP, 82 THA

They also all have a STA rating of 94 and INJ rating of 87.


Should we redshirt Mertz?

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Overall team

The Badgers are pretty stacked, all things considered. There are only four 99 rated players in the whole game and Wisconsin has half of them. You can probably guess the other two, but just in case you don’t want to they are LSU QB Joe Burrow and OSU Freak Chase Young.

Now it’s time to try and figure out how to import the 2019 schedule into the game (which is shockingly complicated for an idiot like me) and get this season started!