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Wisconsin football: other small roster changes and impressions

Small weight changes and other impressions from the spring roster reveal.

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Ohio State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

No, YOU are comparing this year’s spring roster to the 2019 official roster to look for minuscule weight changes and position changes. I DON’T HAVE A PROBLEM!

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the changes!

Weight Changes

  • Leo Chenal, sophomore LB, from 250 to 245
  • Madison Cone, senior S, from 182 to 188
  • Quan Easterling, freshman FB, from 238 to 230
  • Jack Eschenbach, sophomore TE, from 224 to 235
  • C.J. Goetz, junior OLB from, 241 to 235
  • Izayah Green-May, junior OLB, from 221 to 215 (no bueno)
  • Garrett Groshek, senior RB, from 220 to 212
  • Isaiahh Loudermilk, senior DL, from 293 to 297
  • Spencer Lytle, freshman OLB, from 223 to 228 (came onto campus last winter under 210)
  • Graham Mertz, freshman QB, from 215 to 223
  • Isaiah Mullens, sophomore DL, from 283 to 291
  • Maema Njongmeta, freshman LB, from 220 to 227
  • Logan O’Brien, freshman OL, from 265 to 283
  • Emmet Perry, junior WR, from 186 to 191
  • Kendric Pryor, senior WR, from 180 to 188
  • Garrett Rand, senior DL, from 279 to 285
  • Cormac Sampson, sophomore OL, from 280 to 287
  • Jack Sanborn, junior LB, from 232 to 238
  • Marty Strey, freshman LB, from 219 to 229
  • Joe Tippmann, freshman OL, from 304 to 312
  • Cole Van Lanen, senior OL, from 312 to 307

Position Changes

The only change I found that wasn’t noted from our other “random spring roster notes” post was that C.J. Goetz, a redshirt junior has been moved back to OLB from DE, a change he’s made prior. Seems as though he’s in a tough middle-ground at the moment, hope he’s able to stick at one.


Some of these have been known prior, but I just marked them down as I noticed them.

  • WR Aron Cruickshank - transferred to Rutgers
  • RB Bradrick Shaw - transfer portal (seeking 6th year)
  • S/LB/TE Seth Currens - transfer portal
  • CB James Williams - injury
  • RB/LB Hunter Johnson - left team (no longer listed on roster)
  • LB Jackson Kollath - left team (no longer listed on roster)
  • OLB Christian Bell - transferred to Illinois (it should be noted that Bell is listed as a DE in his Twitter post announcing he’s attending Illinois)


  • Not as much change in weight for the most part in years’ past, which means UW has their kids where they want them, and are able to maximize their training with the guys at a consistent weight.
  • Izayah Green-May dropping weight is disheartening, as he’s a long, lanky guy who has struggled to put on mass. He started last season against South Florida across from Zack Baun, but IGM needs to add weight if he wants to hold up against the offensive lines and tight ends of the Big Ten.
  • Emmet Perry was named by Paul Chryst during his presser the other day, and he’s a name, along with Taj Mustapha and A.J. Abbott, to really watch regarding the openings at the wide receiver position under new WR coach Alvis Whitted.

Chryst mentioned Perry in particular, noting his propensity for being injured for most of his Badger career thus far, and how this could be a big opportunity for him.

  • This is a talented roster, and will only get better with the added freshman who will come in during the fall. Spring gives the opportunity for invaluable reps and practice time to help build the pool of guys competing for spots come fall.