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Zack Baun is fast...just not as fast as Jonathan Taylor

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Baun is having a good NFL Scouting Combine as well!

NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Draft Scouting Combine has been going on for what seems like months and former Wisconsin Badgers edge rusher Zack Baun finally got his time to shine on Saturday. The premier event at the Combine is the 40-yard dash because YOU CAN’T TEACH SPEED or something.

Baun’s 4.65 time was No. 13 on the list of linebackers and edge rushers (the fastest time was 4.39 by Isaiah Simmons of Clemson which Baun is often pegged as a late first round or second round pick by a lot of Draft experts and his testing here did nothing to disprove those projections.

Baun also showed some impressive strength in the bench press, putting 225 pounds up 24 times. Something you’ll hear a lot of when looking at the bench press numbers is that players with long arms, like Baun who has 32 3/4” arms, often struggle to preform well in this drill. Obviously not the case here. #B1GStrength on display from the linebackers.

He was fifth in the 3-cone drill and tenth in the 20-yard shuttle and his speed will be enticing to teams looking to pressure the quarterback.

Baun may not be at the tippy-top of teams’ draft boards but he was a highly productive player in college and tested well at the Combine. He’ll make some team very happy who takes a chance on him near the end of the first round/beginning of the second round.