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Wisconsin football recruiting: Junior Day [UPDATING, now featuring new offers AND new attendees]

Who will be on campus this weekend and will anyone be on commitment watch?

Iowa v Wisconsin Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

The Wisconsin Badgers football team has two Junior Days during the offseason to get potential future Badgers on campus and to try and sell them on spending their collegiate career in Madison.

The first one was back on February 1st and the second one is this Saturday Sunday (DAMN YOU LEAP YEAR), March 1st. Not a whole lot is reported on for Wisconsin’s Junior Days because Paul Chryst and company can’t talk about players who aren’t signed yet and because, and stick with me here, Chryst isn’t exactly the most talkative guy with the media overall.

We’ll try and keep a running list here of players attending Junior Day that we see on Twitter and please feel free to drop links in the comments if you spot someone.

Update 3/2/20 11:41 am CST:

Update 3/2/20 11:41 am CST:

Update 3/2/20 7:07 am CST

Update 3/2/20 7:07 am CST

UPDATE 2/29/20 at 3:47 CST:

UPDATE 2/29/20 8:26 CST

Update 3/3/20 2:17 pm CST

Update 2/29/20 9:07 CST
Updated again 3/1/20 5:31 CST

  • 2021 3-star WR Markus Allen (Clayton, Ohio); we confirmed with him on Twitter.
  • 2021 3-star S Rod Moore (Clayton, Ohio); we confirmed with him on Twitter.

Update 3/2/20 7:07 am CST

Update 3/3/20 2:14 pm CST

It was also brought to our attention that Pugh was Crystal Balled to Wisconsin on 247, and it was by Steve Wiltfong (national director of recruiting) which is a bigger deal than if one of the beat guys says it.