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Wisconsin basketball: previewing the Rutgers Scarlet Knights

We are going to try something new!

NCAA Basketball: Wisconsin at Rutgers Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

We thought we would try something new in previewing Wisconsin basketball games because, to be honest, our Q&A series with the other SB Nation blogs does not get as many pageviews as I expected so I’m assuming people don’t like them or don’t find them useful. Let us know in the comments if that isn’t the case, but we’ve seen the numbers and it leads us to believe y’all would like something different.

Speaking of numbers! Let’s take a look at some pertinent numbers relate to the Rutgers Scarlet Knights!

Four Factors

KenPom’s Four Factors are eFG%, turnover%, offensive rebound% and FTA/FGA. These are good indicators of whether or not a team is, well, good. The numbers in parentheses are the national rank.

Rutgers Four Factors

Rutgers 4 Factors Offense Defense D1 Average
Rutgers 4 Factors Offense Defense D1 Average
eFG% 48.6 (219) 45 (22) 49.5
Turnover% 18.3 (125) 19.3 (143) 19.1
Off. Rebound% 32.8 (40) 25.6 (69) 28.1
FTA/FGA 30.2 (240) 26.2 (39) 32.6

What these numbers tell us is that the Scarlet Knights aren’t a great shooting team but they do a great job of corralling errant shots and getting second chance opportunities. They don’t get to the free throw line often but they also don’t commit fouls, so this is kind of a wash.

Adjusted efficiency numbers


Offense: 106.6 (No. 78 in nation)
Defense: 89.7 (No. 9 in nation)
D1 average: 101.9


Offense: 106.4 (No. 71 in nation)
Defense: 88.9 (No. 7 in nation)
D1 average: 101.3

Rutgers is an excellent defensive team. They are No. 11 in the country in opponent’s field goal percentage, only allowing teams to shoot 38.1% against them. They also only give up 61.6 points per game which is No. 16 in the country. Their offense, on the other hand, isn’t great but also isn’t terrible. They are a bad three point shooting team and somehow a worse free throw shooting team, but they get the job done inside the arc, scoring 60% of their points on deuces.

Overall rankings

18-9 overall
9-7 B1G
2-3 in their last five games
1-8 in road/neutral games

KenPom: 31
T-Rank: 26
NET: 35

Top players

Player ORtg Usage eFG% 3P% FT% PPG RPG APG Turnovers
Player ORtg Usage eFG% 3P% FT% PPG RPG APG Turnovers
Ron Harper, 6-foot-6, sophomore 110.2 20.8 51 32.3 71.4 11.9 5.6 1.1 1.1
Geo Baker, 6-foot-4, junior 102.7 22.3 46.5 29.2 77.6 10.4 2.8 3.5 1.8
Akwasi Yeboah, 6-foot-6, senior 110.8 20.4 51 35.6 78.1 10.1 4.8 0.9 1.2
Myles Johnson, 6-foot-11 soph. 109.9 18.9 61.6 0 35.8 8 7.9 1 1.4

Rutgers Twitter accounts to follow

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@ZuzuOnFire: she may be the biggest Rutgers fan in the world
@StevePoliti: columnist
@JamesKratch: Rutgers beat writer