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Wisconsin sketch comedy: J.J. Watt on Saturday Night Live recap

The former Badgers star was pretty solid on his SNL debut.

Saturday Night Live - Season 45 Photo by: Will Heath/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Saturday was a big day for Wisconsin Badgers athletics. The men’s basketball scored a huge upset win at home over the No. 14 Michigan State Spartans, the No. 1 women’s hockey team dominated St. Cloud State and the men’s hockey team allegedly played as well but I can’t confirm that.

Saturday night was also a big deal for one particular former Badgers athlete. Houston Texans defensive end, and Wisconsin football legend, J.J. Watt was the host of Saturday Night Live! And he was, well, he was fine. As far as athlete hosts go I thought that Watt did well. He’s energetic and seemed game for anything which is probably all the writers can ask for from “not a comedian.”

Watt was not the first ever Badger to host SNL and thanks to some internet sleuthing you now know who was.

Watt started off the evening by shouting out his mom for giving birth to three enormous boys and then making fun of his brothers.

I haven’t bought Madden in many years but with in-game dialogue like this I’m going to have to cop Madden 21 when it comes out.

This was kind of a recurring joke throughout the evening: Watt is a big, strong man but what if we had him do something that big, strong men don’t stereotypically do!?! Watt bring his trademarked “good guy” energy to all of these sketches and it helps him work through him not being a real actor.

“Tell me something about you.”

“Haha. I love that.”

The best sketch of the night, in my humble comedic opinion, was Robbie. Not surprisingly, Watt seemed to be most comfortable while wearing football pads. I laughed out loud when Robbie was lining up to challenge Watt and couldn’t remember any of the plays that coach called.