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Wisconsin Basketball: fan confidence holds in latest FanPulse release

A 1% uptick is better than a 1% downtick, right Badger fans?

NCAA Basketball: Wisconsin at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Wisconsin basketball has had an up and down season from the jump but it appears to be steady for now, and by now I mean for two straight games. Yes, a two-game winning streak is comforting to fans at this point, especially in this brutal Big Ten conference. What helps the matter even more is that the Badgers won a game...dare I say...on the road? Yes, it was against 7-18 Nebraska but a road win counts even more in this conference.

Due to the small two game winning streak the Badger fan confidence has remained the same, with a 1% uptick from last week’s 67% confidence rating. Yes, it appears the win against the Huskers only gained a minuscule 1%, but it’s better than a drop, which has happened more than a few times this season.

While the gain might be small this past week, we should see a swing in either direction over the next two weeks as the Badgers take on four teams in somewhat similar positions. With Purdue, Rutgers, Michigan and Minnesota on the docket a nice little winning streak would do wonders for the standings and fan confidence. However, if you drop a couple of these winnable games, you could find confidence lower than where it is right now. If there is a stretch that can really define a season, it starts Tuesday evening against Purdue.

In addition to the confidence rating, fans were also questioned about who they thought was the biggest fraud’s in college basketball this season. In somewhat of a surprise, the Auburn Tigers led the way with 21% of the vote. Closely behind them was the San Diego State Aztecs who currently sit undefeated as we head to the final stretch of the season. After that came Maryland, Kansas, Dayton, and Louisville. Not sure what you guys are watching as I disagree with quite a few of those teams, but to each their own. It will all work itself out come tournament time.