Conspiracy against the Badgers

Other than winning the 1940 national championship in a low scoring affair (some things never change) for many Badger fans the greatest game in UW history is beating Kentucky in 2015 in the Final Four. Arrogant, Cocky, and overhyped Kentucky against Americas team for the day is an all time moment for me in my sporting life. I've been fortunate enough to be a senior in college when my school won it all in 1988 and that takes the cake of course. My Bears Super Bowl is ancient history and the Sox in my name is the White Sox so a world series win is on my figurative trophy shelf.

But after moving to the Badger state in 1992, coinciding with the renaissance of UW athletics, I became hooked. 2014 and 2015 was a dream come true. 2014 had the what ifs about that game with Kentucky, but 2015 it wasn't out of reason to suppose we could beat Kentucky. And we did.

I won't talk about the painful ending where interestingly I was in Lawrence showing my daughter the campus on that day.

But over the years I enjoy going to Youtube and watching the game again, listening to the biased announcers and all that. It's a glorious recording that I've watched with great joy each and every time. My wife doesn't understand how I can watch it again. But I do.

And today it wasn't there. If I go to Youtube and type it in, no game. Check the date, 2015, make sure I type the teams name right, check, type in variations, check. It's not there. If I want to watch us lose final four games all three of our final four losses of this century are there, but not our single victory. It. Used. To. Be. There.

Did Kentucky remover it? Did Cal go to the NCAA and say it's embarrassing to lose to the cheese heads so can you get it off of there? Who knows? But it's not there. Maybe there's a logical explanation like the head of the NCAA is also a Kentucky Grad, or the chief engineer at Youtube is a bluegrasser, or the president pulled a trick for his politician friend from Kentucky McConnell. IDK, but it's not there and it used to be and I'd like it to be there.

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