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Wisconsin football: the Duke’s Mayo Bowl trophy is broken. We are devastated! [UPDATED WITH CULPRIT]

2020 remains world’s stupidest year ever.

The Wisconsin Badgers (4-3 overall) beat the Wake Forest Demon Deacons (4-5 overall, 3-4 ACC) in the Duke’s Mayo Bowl, 42-28. There was much rejoicing all around Wisconsin and wherever mayo-loving Badgers fans congregated. To end the season on a high note, beating Minnesota and winning their bowl game in back to back games, was great for the players, coaches and fans.


Then 2020 struck again.

The Badgers have broken the Duke’s Mayo Bowl trophy in the locker room and, quite frankly, we’ve never been more upset about anything that has happened in our lives. In fact, WR Adam Krumholz’s reaction is a bit understated if we do say so ourselves. We needed there to be mayo in SOMETHING and when the trophy was broken and no mayo came out...well...we couldn’t hide our shock and disappointment either.

Thankfully head coach Paul Chryst is taking everything in stride and has announced that everyone will get to take home a little piece of the Duke’s Mayo Bowl trophy. We do wonder, however, what Chryst would say if he WERE under oath. We may need to get the B5Q Legal Team involved.

We are glad Madison NBC15’s George Balekji is on the case and we will keep you posted as more updates are warranted.

UPDATE, 3:47 p.m. CST, 12/30/20: And it appears that Graham Mertz did have one turnover during the game...lmaooooooo.