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GAME THREAD: Wisconsin vs. Wake Forest

Come hang out with your online Wisconsin pals and shout about mayonnaise on a Wednesday morning.

Wisconsin v Northwestern Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

We hope you took a half day today, because the Duke’s Mayo Bowl kicks off at 11:00 a.m. CST between the Wisconsin Badgers (3-3 overall) and the Wake Forest Demon Deacons (4-4 overall, 3-4 ACC). That’s soon! Grab some snacks, grab a coffee beer and grab a spot on the couch because it is the last GAMEDAY OF THE SEASON!!!!

Wisconsin’s defense will face a talented Wake Forest offense that will probably try to take the top off of UW’s secondary while the Badgers offense will be looking to Establish The Run with, hopefully, Jalen Berger and Garrett Groshek.

Let’s bring that Mayo Trophy home to Wisconsin where it very clearly belongs.

Here are the staff predictions for the games:

Bob: 17-0, Wisconsin

Ryan: 28-17, Wisconsin

Tyler: 27-20, Wisconsin

Owen: 23-14, Wisconsin

Belz: 31-23, Wisconsin

Neal: 24-17, Wisconsin

Rock: 5-2, Wisconsin

Drew: 24-14, Wisconsin

Kevin: 24-21, Wisconsin

J.J.: 23-17, Wisconsin

Bremen: 20-10, Wisconsin

Wake Forest usually doesn’t release a depth chart but did for the bowl game (here is a breakdown) and Wisconsin might as well not release one, but here theirs is anyways. We’ll post any roster updates here that we get before kickoff too.

You’ll notice former Wisconsin commit WR Nolan Groulx is listed as a backup WR and PR for Wake Forest, so we’ll probably get a chance to see him in action just not wearing the color uniform we thought we would.