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Wisconsin volleyball: WE FINALLY HAVE A SCHEDULE

Do we call it 2020 or 2021 Part One?

Northwestern Wildcats v Wisconsin Badgers
There’s a nice plaza outside now. I ate Greenbush donuts there earlier this month.
Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

Tonight, the Wisconsin Badgers official volleyball account tweeted their Big Ten conference-only schedule.

The 2019 National Runner-Ups will finally compete for the first time this season on January 22, 2021 against Purdue at the Field House. Because of ::waves hands around wildly:: there’s been numerous changes to a typical Big Ten schedule.

  1. Home and that same home again matchups. Generally, the Badgers would travel “with” Minnesota to their away matches, playing Indiana while the Gophers play Purdue, then switching dance partners. Now, Wisconsin will play the same opponent twice in a row, with only Minnesota being a real home-and-home match.
  2. 22 conference matches, two more than a usual 20 game slate.
  3. Put those first two facts together, and you figure out Wisconsin doesn’t play everyone. This year, Ohio State and Maryland avoid playing the Badgers. I would like to mention who the heavy hitters (Minnesota, Penn State, Nebraska) miss, but right now Wisconsin’s the only one that has their schedule up.
  4. Spring conference volleyball. Volleyball in the spring time is generally Iowa State, Marquette, local teams that aren’t direct competition for a Big 10 title. Not this time!

Nationally, the bracket tightened up a little bit, dropping to 48 teams. The NCAA tournament selection will occur on Sunday April 4th. The Sun Belt, ACC, SEC and Big 12 will have to shake the rust off, because they’ve already played a bunch of games. Nobody has ever really been in charge of college sports, but it’s becoming pretty obvious to more people.