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Oh Honey, No…a Bucky’s 5th Quarter Fashion Blog: Wake Forest University

Yes, I will have an order of fashion...hold the mayo.

New Era Pinstripe Bowl - Michigan State v Wake Forest Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images

Happy almost New Year!

We’re now a day away from the Duke’s Mayo Bowl, where your Wisconsin Badgers (3-3), will face off against the Wake Forest Demon Deacons (4-4) in a fight for, one assumes, a bowl of mayo.

That’s not what the trophy is? Then why is it called that?

Well, then what does the trophy look like?

Oh, that’s fancy. Any chance it’s made out of mayo? No, no that would be crazy. Or would it...?

Sadly this will be the last time this season that we will get to judge an opposing football team’s uniforms. What a ride it’s been...but we have no time for reflecting, because as we all know, fashion waits for no one, so let’s do the damn thing.

Throw on your finest football apparel and don’t spill the mayo!

As a reminder, we will be rating the opposing threads on a scale of oh honey, no, to YAASS QUEEN.

Oh honey, no: Obviously, this is the worst rating. If I must explain this to you, you’re probably wearing socks with sandals right now, or a brown belt with black pants, either way, oh honey, no.

Ewww: Nice try, but no.

Werk it: You brought it.

YAASS QUEEN: Best of the best. Your proverbial milkshake brings all the proverbial boys to the yard.

School: Wake Forest University

Mascot: Demon Deacons

Color Scheme: Black and Old Gold

I wonder if they know Rick...

Official Brand Sponsor: NIke


Utah State v Wake Forest Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Wake Forest has two different helmets that it wears.

The first has a matte black finish, with a metallic gold ‘WF’ and a black face mask. The second is a metallic gold helmet, with a black ‘WF,’ and a black face mask.

If you know me, I am a sucker for a matte black helmet, really any helmet with a matte finish, but the metallic gold logo on the matte finish definitely ranks up there.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 22 Birmingham Bowl - Memphis v Wake Forest Photo by Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The gold helmet is alright in my opinion, it’s not as great as the matte helmet, but still it’s respectable.

Helmet Scores:

Matte black: YAASS Queen

Gold: Werk it


The Demon Deacons introduced new uniforms prior to the 2019 season and have continued to wear them in 2020. The school features two primary uniforms, a home and away.

The home uniform is black with a thick gold collar that features the Demon Deacon logo on it, a gold cuff on the sleeve of the uniform and the ‘WF’ logo on both sides of the shoulders. The numbers are solid gold and they are block numbers, which is so last year. The home uniform is primarily paired with gold pants.

Basically it’s the Saints home uniform.

I think the one detail that is missing from the home uniform is some sort of border around the numbers on the uniform. The fact that the numbers are just gold, makes them look less aesthetically pleasing. Pairing the black home jersey with black pants is also a better look than the gold pants.

The away uniform is white, with a thick black collar, with the Demon Deacon logo, a black cuff on the sleeve and black numbers, which are outlined with gold. The shoulders of the uniform also feature the ‘WF’ logo, just as the black uniform. The away whites are usually paired with either white or black pants.

Wake Forest v North Carolina Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Personally, I dislike the white pants and white uniform combo. I think some piping on the side of the pants would likely improve the look, but with them just being plain white, it’s just too boring of a look no matter which helmet they are paired with.

If the Deacs were to wear their gold helmet with their away uniform, I think the black pants are a much better option. The gold in the helmet really accentuates the gold accents in the black pants and the black pants with the white uniform is a great combo as it provides some much needed contrast that the white pants and white uniform pairing just does not give you.

While the gold helmet, white jersey and black pants combo is a solid one, pairing the black pants with the white jersey and the black helmet is a fire combination. The black pants and helmet provide a great balance to the overall look and the gold outline of the jersey number really sticks out and matches well with the gold logo on the helmet.

Wake Forest v Syracuse Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

Previously, the Deacons’ uniforms featured modified block numbers and a black and gold design on the shoulders of the the jersey.

Personally I am glad they got rid of the design, in favor of the ‘WF’ logo, but the modified block numbers were so much better than the standard block numbers they wear today, I don’t know why anyone would take a step back like that.

Uniform Scores:

Black uniform, black pants, black helmet: Werk it.

Black uniform, gold pants, either helmet: Ewww

White uniform, white pants, either helmet: Ewww

White uniform, black pants, gold helmet: Werk it.

White uniform, black pants, black helmet: YAASS Queen.