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Oh Honey, No…a Bucky’s 5th Quarter Fashion Blog: Michigan State University

Ho Ho Oh Honey, No.

NCAA Basketball: Detroit at Michigan State Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

We’re coming to you ahead of a special yuletide edition of Badgers Basketball, where Wisconsin takes on Michigan State on Christmas Day. So open those presents, empty those stockings, down some eggnog and settle in for a long winter’s basketball game. Kerchiefs and caps optional, but encouraged.

This could also be a special game for the fashion world, as we could see both teams wearing their freshest threads, with both Wisconsin and Michigan State introducing new uniforms in the past week.

Now, let’s get to the review, because what’s Christmas without some judgement? Let’s find out if the Spartan’s uniforms are naughty or nice.


As a reminder, we will be rating the opposing threads on a scale of oh honey, no, to YAASS QUEEN.

Oh honey, no: Obviously, this is the worst rating. If I must explain this to you, you’re probably wearing socks with sandals right now, or a brown belt with black pants, either way, oh honey, no.

Ewww: Nice try, but no.

Werk it: You brought it.

YAASS QUEEN: Best of the best. Your proverbial milkshake brings all the proverbial boys to the yard.

School: Michigan State University

Mascot: Spartans

Color Scheme: Green and White

Official Brand Sponsor: Nike

Home uniform:

Michigan State’s home uniforms for 2020 are white with a green border around the neck and arm holes of the uniform, with ‘State’ across the chest, and the player’s number in a hybrid block lettering, both in green as well.

The shorts of feature the Spartan logo on the left leg. The right side of the shorts features Roman-style design in green, that goes from the bottom of the right leg and continues onto the jersey. There is also a green stripe border at the bottom of the short’s legs.

To me, this uniform works, but it’s just kind of blah. The design along the right side of the uniform is a nice touch and adds some additional detail to the uniform as a whole, but I just don’t think it does enough.

Home uniform score:


Away uniform:

The Spartan’s road uniforms are similar to their home uniforms in design. The road uniforms are green, with white accent borders around the collar and arm holes of the uniform and the Roman-style design on the right side of the jersey and shorts.

However, instead of saying ‘State,’ across the chest, their road uniforms have ‘Spartans’ across the chest. The font remains the same, but is a bit more understated, because there are more letters, so the font size is a bit smaller.

For me, these uniforms letter better than the home whites. It could be the difference in team name on the uniform, or that I am filled with the Christmas spirit...but I also think that the designs and accents on the uniform just work better in white on a green background, then they do in green on a white background.

Away uniform score:

Werk it

Alternate uniform:

NCAA Basketball: Michigan State at Northwestern David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Ermahgerd, we have a fresh drop, in the form of Michigan State’s new threads. The Spartans introduced the new threads in a video on social media, ahead of its match up with Northwestern.

And then lost the game.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I feel like when a uniform is introduced, it you should be able to clearly see it and the video shouldn’t have such poor lighting, but that’s just me.

The uniform is black with the player’s number in white in the same font that is used on the other two uniforms and instead of having a team name across the chest, the jersey just simply features the Spartan helmet logo.

However, the logo is not in a color that can be seen well, it’s shaded with a smoke-like color. The same Roman-style design appears on the right side of the uniform in the same smoke color.

I understand what MSU was trying to do with this uniform, in having some that is different and sleek, but I feel like it just missed the mark. Having the accents on the uniform in green would have made the uniform much stronger. The fact that things on the uniform can be barely seen is quite annoying.

Michigan State has introduced alternate uniforms in the past that have been much bigger hits.

One example is this uniform, which in my opinion is more what this season’s black uniform should have resembled. The use of a lime accent color on the black uniform, while it is not the school’s official color, was the right move with this uniform. The lime color really jumps out and the two colors go really well together.

Alternate uniform score:

Oh honey, no.