Extra eligibility...

The NCAA has granted extra eligibility, and is basically not counting this year as I understand it. That should mean that seniors get to come back next year. The question is how many actually will.

Danny Davis is eligible regardless since he never redshirted and played in fewer than four games this year. KP should be able to return as per the NCAA. If Ferguson returns, that offense will be fire I am telling you. Berger could be a legit Doak Walker contender, Ferguson top 5 TE nationally, Dike, Davis, Pryor, Graham, and a very stout OL. The speed from Pryor and Dike on the same side would be a coverage nightmare with that speed. Davis and Ferguson would be a nightmare also on the other side. Not to mention Graham re-emerging.

Watson and Guerendo will provide nice compliments, along with possibly Julius Davis. Groshek would be great to have back, but might not be given an extra scholarship for the year. Cole Van Lanen will probably leave for the NFL. A.J. Abbott, Taj M., and Devin Chandler would be the 4th, 5th, and 6th on the depth chart respectively in whatever order.

What do you guys think? I know we can not afford that many extra scholarships years, but Davis and KP could make the difference between us winning the BIG Championship or not. The revenue from the CFP can more than offset the cost of room, board, and textbooks for a few players.

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