When will enough be enough?

I posted this in the bracketology threat, but rather than clog that up with the discussion, I'll post it over here. Copy and pasted.

I posted not too long ago that I started having a bad feeling about this season. Its going sideways way too quickly.
I think that this bracketology and hopes for a tournament are clouding the real issue at hand.
Whether Coach K was being sincere, or embarrassed by the whippings, he’s right. I head Jay Bilas talk about it also during the Duke Illinois game.
What are they doing?
Keeping these kids away from home, and traveling, when the rest of the nation is advised to stay home?
To not get paid for our entertainment? Why are we even doing this?
As fucked as the football season has been, this basketball season is screaming down and even worse path
March was too bad to play, but now its ok? Even though its exponentially worse now?

Greed and money clearly take precedence over these kids well being and health

Its time for some of the adults in the room to start making better choices. Smart choices. Choices that aren’t money driven, rather people and health driven

Demi Washington may have permanent cardiac damage now. Is that not enough?
Will it take an on court death?

This article is right

Will a Calipari be honest about a positive star player come tournament time?

Its time to take a deep honest look at ourselves. This is only going to get worse.

For money

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