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Oh Honey, No… a Bucky’s 5th Quarter Fashion Blog: University of Arkansas Pine Bluff

And a bonus Why Your Mascot Sucks!

Arkansas-Pine Bluff v Kansas State Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images

Now that we have all recovered from our turkey coma’s the Wisconsin Badger basketball team has a quick turnaround from Wednesday night’s win against Eastern Illinios University and will now play Arkansas Pine Bluff.

Without further ado, let’s look at the Golden Lions’ uniforms.

As always, we will be rating the opposing threads on a scale of oh honey, no, to YAASS QUEEN.

Oh honey, no: Obviously, this is the worst rating. If I must explain this to you, you’re probably wearing socks with sandals right now, or a brown belt with black pants, either way, oh honey, no.

Ewww: Nice try, but no.

Werk it: You brought it.

YAASS QUEEN: Best of the best. Your proverbial milkshake brings all the proverbial boys to the yard.

School: University of Arkansas Pine Bluff

Mascot: Golden Lions

Color Scheme: Black and Gold

Official Brand Sponsor: Adidas

Home uniform:

The Golden Lions sport white home uniforms, with gold trim and numbers/letters. The abbreviated school name, ‘UAPB’ is inscribed across the front of the uniform.

The ‘UAPB,’ is just block lettering and as we all know, block lettering is so last year.

The school’s work mark lettering is much cooler than plain old block lettering and should definitely be used on their uniforms.

An even better option, would be for the school to use its nickname, of ‘Golden Lions,’ on their uniforms.

The school has a nickname wordmark, that looks like it would make for an awesome addition to a basketball jersey. Without the more aesthetically pleasing font, Adidas really let UAPB down with their design.

I am guessing that their home uniforms for 2020-21 feature the same design accents as their road uniforms, which will be be covered below.

Unfortunately in all of my extensive internetting I was unable to find any info on their latest threads.

Their previous uniforms featured a gold bar across the shoulders, that are bordered by black lines.

Uniform score:


Road uniform:

Their road uniform is black with gold trim and numbers and letters. Just like with the home uniform, ‘UAPB,’ is inscribed across the front of the uniform.

Their uniforms also features lines down the side of the jersey. However, the design does not continue down the side of their shorts. Instead their shorts have a solid line down the side, that goes across the bottom of the shorts as well.

An opportunity was missed, as the line design should have gone all of the way down the side of the shorts as well. Had the uniformity continued, I think it would have made the uniform far more aesthetically pleasing.

Uniform score:


Why Your Mascot Sucks

In 1928, UAPB’s school president assembled the student body to choose a mascot. One student suggested the owl, as it was the wisest bird. However, Raymond “DeDe” Johnson suggested the Golden Lion because it was the king of the jungle.

A vote took place and the Golden Lion became the school mascot.

I was unable to find any reference on the school web site about there being a mascot, but that logo...

The logo is bad ass and ‘UAPB,’ is worked into the design of the lion’s mane. The logo stacks up against most collegiate logos and is definitely more deserving of having a uniform that better honors the bad-assery of the logo.