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SB Nation Reacts: How many coaches will be fired? Which game are you most excited for?

See what the nation thinks as we head into another strong weekend of college football.

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The 2020 college football season has been the wildest one in a long time. Not so much because of upsets or incredible moments on the field, but because of the sheer madness off of it. COVID-19 has impacted all parts of our life, and the same can be said when talking about college football.

Eligibility has changed for this year, schedules are changing rapidly and games are being canceled across the country. Last week there we’re 13 games canceled or postponed, and as of Thursday there are already 14 games lost this week. Given all this madness many believed coaches would get a pass on whatever the results might be on the field.

So far, the word is still out on if the nation agrees with this or not. Currently, nearly 60% of fans who reacted in this weeks poll believe at least three power five coaches will be fired this year.

The first of those firings was done this week as South Carolina fired head coach Will Muschamp. There are many others with seats warming as well with the likes of Derek Mason of Vanderbilt, Tom Herman of Texas and of course Jim Harbaugh at Michigan. With one domino down, it will be interesting to see how high this number gets.

In addition to talking about coaches being fired, the conversation for Reacts also touched on an interesting questions of “would you rather.” Would you rather be a dominating group of five coach or a mid-tier power five coach?

53% of fans went with option number one which I thought was a bit surprising. If you look at recent group of five programs that have dominated like UCF or App. State you’ll see that their coaches have jumped at a mid-tier job as soon as they got the chance with Scott Frost heading to Nebraska, Scott Satterfield heading to Louisville and Eli Drinkwitz heading to Mizzou after just a year with the Mountaineers.

Continuing the reactions for the week was the question of which game fans we’re most excited to see. The overwhelming favorite was Indiana at Ohio State, which received 58% of the votes. Following them was Bedlam between the Pokes and Sooners, and then our beloved Badgers as they head to Evanston to take on the Wildcats.

Despite losing 14 games on the slate there are still these three great ones along with some other good ones like UCF/Cincinnati and Coastal Carolina/App State.

Lastly, as always, SB Nation polled respective fan bases to gauge their confidence in the football program. Thankfully for the Badgers a 2-0 start has allowed Wisconsin fans to be very confident heading into Saturday. After a slight dip down to 86% confidence Badger fans have bounced back and 100% of fans claimed they we’re confident in the direction of the program. That’s a high mark, but that’s due to some high praises for the staff and team alike. 100% of Northwestern fans are also confident in the latest poll, so it’s safe to say the confidence will break for at least on of these fan bases come Saturday afternoon.