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How did Twitter react to the record-breaking performance by the redshirt freshman

NCAA Football: Kent State at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Imagine the best possible outcome that you thought of once you found out that Graham Mertz was going to be the starting quarterback for the Wisconsin Badgers. Now...quadruple your expectations and you’ll still probably be short. Mertz had a literal record-setting debut under center for the Badgers and led UW to a 45-7 victory over Illinois on Friday night.

Mertz tied a school record by tossing five touchdown passes. He also tied a school record by completing 17 straight passes. He set a school record by completing 95% of his passes (20-of-21 for 248 yards). He was poised, confident and was dropping dimes all over the field to Jake Ferguson and Danny Davis III and Kendric Pryor.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane from, well, a few hours ago and see what everyone on the internet had to say about Mertz’s display of excellence.

The official Wisconsin football account was doing good memes during the game. Lest you forget, Mertz had four TDs in the first half alone.

A perfect first half. PERFECT! If a Wisconsin QB is being talked about on SportsCenter you know it’s a big deal.

It’s time for NFL teams to start jockeying for draft position so they can get Mertz in a couple of years.

Patrick Mahomes should probably start worrying about his spot as a State Farm spokesperson. Mertz coming, baby!

Deacon Hill just seeing what he has to live up to once he gets on campus.

Joe Thomas has some good ideas!

Oh man...can you even imagine a backfield of Mertz and Jonathan Tay...what was I talking about? I just passed out for a bit.

What a great game! Was Mertz ever nervous?