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Wisconsin football: some more predictions and prop bets for the season

Plus, we take a look at what the rest of the Big Ten SBN blogs think about the season.

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Ohio State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve got some more predictions and prop bets for the season as well as a look at what other Big Ten SB Nation blogs think is going to happen in this shortened football season.

Does Jack Coan start a game this season?

Kevin: No

Ryan: Given the “indefiniteness” of his injury, I will say no.

Neal: No

Belz: No

Drew: Probably not

Who leads the team in rushing yards?

Kevin: Nakia Watson

Ryan: Nakia Watson

Neal: Nakia Watson

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Belz: Nakia Watson

Drew: Jalen Berger (WHY NOT?!?)

Who has the most receptions?

Kevin: Kendric Pryor

Ryan: Jake Ferguson

Neal: Garrett Groshek

Belz: Jake Ferguson

Drew: Jake Ferguson

Does the leading sack artist have O/U 7.5 sacks and who leads the team in sacks?

Kevin: Yes. This will be tough in just eight games, but I think Noah Burks has a big senior season and finishes with eight sacks.

Ryan: If Wisconsin is able to play a full season, yes someone will have over 7.5. I too am going to go with Noah Burk to lead the team.

Neal: Yes, taking a shot with Izayah Green-May.

Belz: I think both Burks and Sanborn will hit the over.

Drew: I say under. I think Burks gets six sacks and Herbig gets three.

Will any player have more than three interceptions this year?

Kevin: No. The Badgers have a lot of players who will see snaps in the secondary and in just eight games I don’t think anyone gets more than three.

Ryan: No, but I could see a couple guys ending up with two.

Neal: Unlikely - the way Jim Leonard mixes in multiple defensive backs, I don’t think the opportunity will be there

Belz: Yes, Eric Burrell

Purdue v Wisconsin Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Drew: I think that Faion Hicks gets exactly three

After Wisconsin, who are your 2-4 in the B1G West?

Kevin: Minnesota, Purdue, Northwestern

Ryan: Minnesota, Iowa, Purdue

Neal: Purdue, Minnesota, Iowa

Belz: Minnesota, Iowa, Purdue

Drew: Minnesota, Iowa, Northwestern

After Ohio State, who are your 2-4 in the B1G East?

Kevin: Penn State, Indiana, Michigan

Ryan: Michigan, Penn State, Indiana

Neal: Michigan, Penn State, Indiana

Belz: Penn State, Michigan, Indiana

Drew: Penn State, Michigan, Indiana

Does Wisconsin play eight straight weeks without cancellations?

Kevin: I’ll be optimistic and say yes.

Ryan: I hope so.

Neal: 100% yes

Belz : Yes, fingers crossed

Drew: Hoping that yes, but...

Does the B1G play eight straight weeks without cancellations?

Kevin: No, as we’ve seen with the programs already playing, it’s gonna be hard to get through eight weeks with no cancellations. I think at least 2-3 games will be cancelled, but I hope I’m wrong.

Ryan: I think there will be at least 1-2 cancellations this season.

Neal: My glass remains half full here, they have had the benefit of time to prepare and watch other conferences run into issues. Cautiously optimistic they get all games in.

Belz: Odds are there will be at least one cancellation

Drew: I can’t imagine. There are already COVID cases in the conference before the games have even started.

Ten of the 14 Big Ten SBN sites filled out a preseason awards sheet for the conference and as the first game of the season is mere hours away it is as good a time as any to see what the consensus is around the league. The blogs that responded represented Wisconsin, Rutgers, Northwestern, Michigan, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Ohio State and Michigan State.

  • First things first: everyone picked Ohio State to both win the East and also the conference. There were five votes for the Badgers to win the west, four for Minnesota and Corn Nation picked Nebraska. I, uh, don’t know what to say about that.
  • Everyone picked Ohio State QB Justin Fields to be the player of the year except for The Daily Gopher who picked Minnesota WR Rashod Bateman. As far as offensive player of the year goes, there was one vote for Bateman, one for Purdue WR Rondale Moore and the rest went to Fields.
Vanderbilt v Purdue Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images
  • Defensive player of the year was far more interesting: there were three votes for Wisconsin ILB Jack Sanborn, two votes for Purdue DE George Karlaftis, two votes for Ohio State CB Shaun Wade, two votes for Northwestern ILB Paddy Fisher and one vote for Michigan DE Kwity Paye.
  • For offensive freshman of the year there were a pair of votes for Wisconsin QB Graham Mertz and Maryland WR Rakim Jarrett. Badgers RB Jalen Berger also got a vote! On defense there was no consensus. I picked OLB Nick Herbig. ::shrugs::
  • For coach of the year, OSU’s Ryan Day received four votes, IU’s Tom Allen received three and our very own Coach Dad received two. Corn Nation picked Scott Frost which, if they win the west he probably is the coach of the year!