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Wisconsin football: the secondary seems confident and ready to bring the energy in 2020

Today Collin Wilder, Faion Hicks and Caesar Williams spoke to the media about the upcoming season.

NCAA Football: Big Ten Championship-Ohio State vs Wisconsin Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Wisconsin Badgers football appears to be in a very strong position as we get closer and closer to the return of Big Ten football. On paper, the Badgers appear to have one of the strongest defenses in the country and one of their strengths is a secondary that has experience, and depth all over the two deep at each position.

Today safety Collin Wilder and corners Faion Hicks and Caesar Williams spoke to the media about the confidence they have as a group and the energy they’ll bring to this crazy 2020 season.

Energy appears to be a main concern around all of college football and rightfully so. Here in Madison on a normal Saturday in normal times 85,000+ fans will congregate inside the stadium and all around the city pockets of others will watch with family and friends. Now though, we’ll all be forced to watch distanced from one another but the energy will still need to be there. Thankfully for the Badgers, they’ll bring their own.

One thing that will help the energy for the defensive squad in 2020 is a proven leader on the sideline. That leader has shown up in defensive coordinator Jim Leonhard who will lead the Badgers once again in 2020. He’s highly considered one of the top defensive minds in football, and the players respond well to it, creating a unit ready to perform at a high level.

With a great defensive coach to lead them, and a solid returning unit, it appears this defense has progressed over the course of the off-season. Caesar Williams, one of the Badgers projected starting cornerbacks claims the chemistry is there as a unit, and now it’s time to put it on the film and prove themselves.

With kickoff just nine days away (YEAH, SINGLE DIGITS BABY) it’s fair to say that the defense for Wisconsin appears to be ready to prove themselves. To do that they’ll have to play together, but experience lends them a favor in having a unit that is ready and able to do so. They’ll have to bring their own energy, but it sounds like the confidence is there and that the defense will be flying around and bringing the juice no matter what.