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B5Q Blogopean Union: Daryl Watts is having herself a year

Plus: the women’s hoops team starts off 2020 with a bang too; Seth Gross may be the best wrestler in the B1G; congrats to Ben Street; and STAY AWAY FROM THE BADGERS SIDNEY CROSBY!

NHL: Preseason-New Jersey Devils at Montreal Canadiens Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning! This is going to be a daily(ish) post that discusses the goings on of the rest of the Big Ten Conference, and the country as needed. Much like the European Union, the Big Ten is a loosely confederated group of entities that sometimes have the same goals (like free movement of people between countries or not winning national titles in football or basketball) and sometimes accept new members that they later regret (Estonia or Rutgers).

We hope that you will use this post to comment on things happening around the conference and also as a sort of daily open thread to discuss breaking news or argue about Spotted Cow.

  • Sorry that this has been more of a mid-morning/lunch time post recently but my infant daughter has taken to sleeping...poorly. And that has adjusted my writing schedule some. Anyway, here are some links to stuff you may find interesting!
  • Hopefully the seat belt sign was off, sheesh.
  • As a Flyers fan, this disgusts me. As a Badgers fan, this disgusts me. This is disgusting. STAY AWAY FROM THE BADGERS, SIDNEY CROSBY!
  • Daryl Watts added a few more points to her total over the weekend as the Badgers won the Battle of the Burgh by beating Robert Morris and No. 3 Northeastern.
  • It’s actually “Jonathan Taylor’s monster.” He built it.
  • The women’s hoops team notched a W in their first game of 2020, beating Penn State at the Kohl Center. If they can just sneak a couple of wins on the road...
  • If you’d like to go on a deep film dive of the Rose Bowl, Addicted to Quack has you covered. If you don’t...I completely understand.
  • Tyler Wahl is our most precious resource currently.
  • The Badgers have the best win of any team in the B1G he says, hoping that this is what Bart’s stat is saying.
  • Pretty busy week for Ben Street.
  • Seth Gross recently moved up to No. 1 in his weight class and was also named B1G Wrestler of the Week.
  • Imo more people should be punching Goldy on tv.

B1G basketball scoreboard from over the past couple of days (losses in bold because we are here to laugh at misfortune):

Indiana 59 - No. 15 Maryland 75
No. 23 Iowa 86 - No. 21 Penn State 89 (at the Palestra in Philadelphia)
No. 12 Michigan 69 - No. 14 Michigan State 87
Northwestern 68 - Minnesota 77
Purdue 37 - Illinois 63