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Wisconsin basketball: Greg Gard press conference recap

What did the head coach have to say in his first appearance with the media since Kobe King transferred and Brad Davison was suspended?

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In what has been a, oh what’s the word, tumultuous week for the Wisconsin Badgers men’s basketball team, head coach Greg Gard spoke to the media on Thursday afternoon about Kobe King leaving the team and Brad Davison being suspended for the Michigan State game on Saturday.

Unfortunately we were unable to send a reporter to the media availability but luckily the internet exists so we are able to ascertain what was said. What a world!

  • The team, as a whole, found out on Saturday about King’s decision.

But the Purdue game may have been the tipping point for King’s tenure in Madison.

Based on this kind of explosive Jim Polzin article it sounds like King ran his decision by a handful of players on the team that he considers his closest friends. You should read that whole article, though, because I’d argue that it is far more damning than anything Tyler Herro happened to say about Wisconsin’s offensive system.

  • Gard had nothing but respectful things to say about King’s decision. But it does sound like there are some sour grapes still about the decision.
  • Gard was not happy with Davison’s suspension and didn’t think it was the right decision by the B1G.
  • Was Gard responding to B5Q’s poll about Davison being a dirty player? Well,,,it hard to say.
  • Uh oh, you know it’s a big deal if The Don is getting involved.
  • Apparently Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo reached out to Gard this week.

I wonder if Izzo is vouching for Gard because of this...

  • Here are most of Gard’s comments on both matters.
  • Shortly after that Polzin article that we linked to above (seriously, go read it if you haven’t) was posted, this was posted. Coincidence? Who knows?