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Jack Coan snubbed for offensive player of the week

Sindelar was good, Coan was better.

NCAA Football: Central Michigan at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s do a little experiment. Which QB was better? Answer in your head.

2019 Week 2 QB Stats Comparison

Statistic Player 1 Player 2
Statistic Player 1 Player 2
Yards per attempt 11.00 9.79
TD per 10 attempts 0.91 0.96
INT per 10 attempts 0.00 0.19
Completion % 78.8% 65.4%
Passer rating (ESPN) 201.2 175.5
Adjusted QBR (ESPN) 89.0 77.0

Did you say player 1? I said player 1.

If you’re good at context clues, you have figured out who player 1 is, but I’m going to hold off in telling you. Just keep playing along.

However, I will tell you now that player 2 is Purdue QB Elijah Sindelar.

NCAA Football: Northwestern at Purdue
Player 2
Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Sindelar was very good in Purdue’s 42-24 palindromic win over Vanderbilt. Because of his one rushing TD, five passing TD, 504 yard performance, he took home Big Ten offensive player of the week honors.

In fact, he became the first Purdue QB with five touchdown passes and 500 passing yards in a game since Kyle Orton in 2004.

However, Kyle Orton also did this in 2004:


Now on to player 1.

Who is player 1, you probably didn’t ask because you read the title and are at least somewhat aware of the happenings surrounding Wisconsin football?

NCAA Football: Central Michigan at Wisconsin
Player 1
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, Jack Coan clearly had a better performance than Sindelar in Week 2. His yards per attempt was better, his completion percentage was better, and his QBR was better. Yes, Coan racked up fewer yards and touchdowns, but he only played three quarters while Sindelar played the full game.

Perhaps Coan suffered because he plays with arguably the best person in the history of ever, Jonathan Taylor. Taylor earned offensive POTW after his Week 1 pounding of South Florida.

Just because Taylor earned POTW last week doesn’t mean Coan should have to take a back seat this week.

I guess there’s not much to do other than be #MadOnline, but in our hearts, let’s make Coan the reigning Big Ten offensive POTW.