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Badgers move to No. 16 in SB Nation’s FanPulse poll

The Badgers continue to rise after another impressive performance.

It was another good week for the Badgers, who rose to No. 14 in the AP Poll after their 61-0 rout of Central Michigan. It was a dominating effort on all fronts, and the Badgers saw a reflection of that in the polls. SB Nation’s FanPulse Poll also saw the Badgers rising, as they moved up to No. 16 in the latest release. In the 66 communities SB Nation polls, the Badgers ranked highest in, a HUGE shock, their own.

The Wisconsin faithful showed a ton of love for their team this week, as the Badgers rose into the top ten among Wisconsin pollers. Badger fans ranked themselves one spot ahead of the Michigan Wolverines at No. 11 meaning we could have a highly ranked bout between the Badgers and the Khaki Lovers out of the bye week. Wisconsin also rated Penn State one spot higher at No. 14, Michigan State at No. 18,and Iowa at No. 20. Overall, pretty respectable rankings from Wisconsin fans.

In addition to the FanPulse Top 25 Poll, SB Nation also asked each fan base if they are confident in the current direction of their football program. In an extremely positive result, 98% of Badger fans said they were confident in the current state and direction of the program, which is actually DOWN one percentage point from last week. Clearly, your love and affection for Coach Chryst is very high, which is good to see.

Other fanbases weren’t that confident, and I have a feeling you can guess who was near the very bottom...Rutgers. Yes, Rutgers fans don’t seem to be too happy with their current state, as only 10% of the fans that voted were confident in the direction of the program. However, they were not the lowest in college football as only 8% of Florida State and UCLA fans expressed confidence in their current state.

As for other Big Ten programs, 92% of Minnesota fans are confident in the current affairs despite barley squeaking by in each of their first two games. Only 70% of Nebraska fans are confident after an overtime loss to Colorado in Week 2. Ohio State appears confident, as 100% of the fans are in support of the Buckeyes currently. The same can’t be said for their arch rival, as only 51% of the fanbase is confident in the way things are going in Ann Arbor.

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