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Wisconsin football: SB Nation FanPulse Week 1 rankings

See where the Badgers ranked after Week 1, according to YOU the fans!

A few weeks ago SB Nation released the preseason rankings for its College Football FanPulse initiative. For those of you who may not know, FanPulse is a weekly survey sent out by SB Nation in which you the fans get to rank the college football top-25. Don’t like the AP rankings? Think a certain team is over/underrated? Well then let your voice be heard with FanPulse instead of yelling about it on Twitter! (JK keep doing that too I live for it.)

In the national poll, which complies rankings from every fan base, the Badgers came in at No. 18, one spot lower than their preseason ranking. Not really a huge surprise with much of the AP and Coaches Poll staying the same. Clemson, Alabama, Georgia, and Oklahoma held on in the top four.

The Big Ten was well represented by the fans with Ohio State and Michigan again leading the way at No. 5 and No. 7 respectively. Penn State held strong at No. 15 and Michigan State came in one spot behind the Badgers at No. 19. The Big Ten West got a little more love too as Iowa landed at No. 20 and Nebraska held on at No. 25 despite their embarrassing performance against South Alabama.

Wisconsin got a little more love from you, the Grateful Red, as they came in ranked 16th among the Badger pollsters. You the fans know how underrated the Badgers are, but you kept them at a respectable spot to show you aren’t overly biased.

Smart. Respect.

We may have let a little bias show in the our conference foes’ rankings though, as Wisconsin fans dropped Michigan State down and kept Iowa at the lowest possible spot they could, without looking too obvious, at No. 20. And of course, Wisconsin fans left Nebraska out of the top-25 entirely because you’re smart and not buying all that silly hype.

Nebraska fans, however, agreed with the Badger fans as they ranked Wisconsin 16th too. It’s probably because they’re hoping that will bolster their own resume down the stretch, but hey we’ll take it, until we meet in Lincoln that is.

Minnesota fans didn’t show that same love, as they ranked the Badgers 19th. Unfortunately for them, they couldn’t put their own team back in the top-25 because they got all they could handle from FCS South Dakota State. Iowa fans did much of the same as they ranked themselves at No. 16, and the Badgers at No. 17.

The audacity of them!

Overall, much of the FanPulse stayed the same after a fairly upset free weekend. With many more top match-ups coming up soon, there is bound to be some shake up this time next week, especially as teams get into conference play. Until then, root on the Badgers and be sure to vote each and every week to keep Wisconsin in the good graces of the nation!