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Badgers hold at No.8 in SB Nation’s FanPulse Poll

Wisconsin holds strong, but we have a new No. 1!

It was another great weekend of college football as teams are starting to get into the grind of conference play. Across the country there was a ton of tight games, including No. 1 Clemson as they squeaked out a 21-20 win over Mack Brown’s North Carolina Tar Heels. That less than stellar performance knocked the Tigers off the number one line, paving way for the Alabama Crimson Tide to regain a familiar spot.

Another leap up was made by Wisconsin football’s conference foe, Ohio State. The Buckeyes hopped up to No. 4 in the national FanPulse Poll, and they hopped to No. 1 in their own Buckeye fan poll. I would say the Buckeyes appear pretty confident after a thrashing of Big Ten West counterpart Nebraska.

Speaking of the Big Ten West, the Badgers held strong at no. 8 in the National FanPulse Poll after a sluggish game against Northwestern. While many were disappointed with the game, it was somewhat unsurprising as the Badgers repeatedly struggle with Northwestern home or away. A win is a win, and having a zero in the loss column is most important despite the struggle. Badger fans agreed with the National Poll, as they ranked Wisconsin in the No. 8 spot as well.

Other Big Ten counterparts continue to rise as well, as Penn State moves up to No. 11 in the National Poll. Iowa moved up to No. 14 in the rankings, which sets up a top-25 match-up this weekend as the Michigan Wolverines play host to the Hawkeyes on Saturday morning in a pivotal conference match up. The Wolverines climbed to No. 20 in the polls, while Michigan State stayed in the top-25 at No. 24. That creates another top-25 match up, as the Spartans will travel to Ohio State this weekend.

In addition to the FanPulse rankings, SB Nation asked a new question for fans across the country this week. The poll for Week 5 asked the nation which head coach they believed would be fired first. Unsurprisingly, two teams we’re tied for the top spot.

Tennessee’s Jeremy Pruitt led the way with 24.9% of the votes, while Rutgers Head Coach Chris Ash came in second with 24.1%. If you chose option B you were correct, as Chris Ash was let go as head coach of Rutgers on Sunday morning after a 52-0 drubbing against Michigan. In third place was Willie Taggert of Florida State with 14.1% of the votes.

The season is in full swing, but there’s still time to voice your opinions on each of these crucial decisions. Make sure to sign up for FanPulse here and back your team, give your hottest takes, and get mad online if anyone disagree’s! Its the college football way!