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Game notes: No. 8 Wisconsin vs. Northwestern

Who said what, postgame, following Wisconsin’s 24-15 win.

@B5QPhotos; Matt Fleming


  • Paul Chryst, talking about the Wisconsin defense’s play this season:

“I think that they’re playing together, and they’re playing off each other,” said Chryst. “Jimmy (Leonhard) and our defensive staff are putting a good plan together, but the guys are executing it and playing and they know each week they’re going to be tested different.”

  • Chris Orr on Wisconsin’s ability to create turnovers:

“Everybody is hungry for a turnover, everybody wants to get one,” Orr said. “I wish we gave out candy or something, but every body wants a turnover, everybody wants that recognition, so we all starving for it.”

  • Orr on why he thinks the defense has been so good this season:

“I think it’s because we’re all selfless, nobody is trying to do more than they need to,” Orr said. “Everybody is doing their job and they’re doing it well an that’s all, that’s all you need to do to be a great defense, that’s all you need to do, that’s how you play sound defense.”

  • Matt Henningsen on scoring all of the touchdowns he has this season.

“The guys around me have put me in great positions, like Zach (Baun) on the first one week one and then EB (Eric Burrell) this week, he payed me back a little bit from last week where I tipped that pass for him, so my teammates just did great to in getting us in those positions to make big plays.”

  • Eric Burrell, knew he had a favor to return:

“I just timed it up well,” Burrell said. “I tried to hit him and the ball came loose and Matt Henni, I appreciate him for picking it up, because he helped me out last week, so I’m trying to return the favor.”

Northwestern v Wisconsin Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images
  • Burrell on what he and Reggie Pearson did while sitting the first half:

“We were in the lounge, just watching it and we were on our phones a little bit,” Burrell said. “Watching the game really, but also just making sure we were hydrated enough.”

  • Zack Baun on Wisconsin playing their backup starting safeties for the first half:

“The guys that aren’t starters are in the meeting rooms every day and they’re practicing, taking the same reps we are,” Baun said. “It’s good to see that those guys are locked in and ready to go at any moment.”

  • Baun on Burrell and Pearson returning in the second half:

“Everyone was screaming, we’re back!” said Baun. “They were definitely excited and then they brought some juice too.”

Game notes (courtesy UW Athletic Dept.)

  • Sophomore ILB Jack Sanborn led UW with a career-high 13 tackles, including one for loss.
  • Matt Henningsen is the first Wisconsin player to score multiple defensive touchdowns in a season since Aaron Henry had three defensive TDs in 2010.
  • Taylor has now rushed for 100-plus yards against 11 of the 13 Big Ten opponents. He will look to add the remaining two opponents — Michigan State and Ohio State.
  • Junior safeties Eric Burrell and Collin Wilder each recorded their first career sacks.
  • A 29-yard field goal by Northwestern’s Charlie Kuhbander in the first quarter marked the first points Wisconsin has allowed in the first half of a game this season.
  • With his 46th win, Chryst matches Dave McClain (1978-85) for fifth on the Badgers’ all-time coaching wins list.
  • Including stops on NU’s first five third down attempts, the Badgers defense had a streak of 28 consecutive stops on third down dating back to the Central Michigan game. UW had also stopped foes on 36 of last 37 dating back to USF game.
  • The Badgers posted 13 tackles for loss and added five sacks.