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GAME THREAD: Wisconsin vs. Northwestern

B1G West opener for the Badgers LET’S GOOOOOOOO!

@B5QPhotos; Matt Fleming

The No. 8 Wisconsin Badgers are still riding high after embarrassing the No. 20 Michigan Wolverines at Camp Randall Stadium last weekend. But this is a new week. The Northwestern Wildcats always, and I mean ALWAYS, give the Badgers fits and despite being 24 point underdogs today I expect nothing different.

The ‘Cats come in to Saturday’s game with a 1-2 record and a ghastly offense, but again, you throw out any of that when Wisconsin and Northwestern get together.

Here is some hot uniform related content for all the haters and losers out there, of which there are many.

Here are the staff predictions for the game:

Bob: 48-0, Wisconsin

Ryan: 38-6, Wisconsin

Tyler: 30-13, Wisconsin

Owen: 41-13, Wisconsin

Belz: 38-13, Wisconsin

Neal: 37-13, Wisconsin

Rock: 47-6, Wisconsin

Drew: 45-7, Wisconsin

Kevin: 38-10, Wisconsin

Welp, yet again, that’s a clean sweep for the Badgers. What are your predictions for the game? How many passing yards does Hunter Johnson have? Will Bob ever live down predicting him to have a good season? What should Northwestern’s new mascot be if they lose? Let us know in the comments.