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Wisconsin vs. Michigan: Twitter reactions

I wish the Germans had a word for this? Ah, well.

@B5QPhotos; Matt Fleming

These posts are kind of cheap page views if I’m being honest. Most of the content in this post isn’t mine and, quite frankly, we are mainly just making fun of a team that is already down.

In times of sorrow even I would wallow in sadness with a dozen Spotted Cows. Desperate times call for desperate measures and all that.

Jim Harbaugh getting repeatedly pantsed on national television by teams that are better or equal to his is a tradition that is just as time-honored as Jump Around or Michigan Men being pretentious.

The Michigan Media Industrial Complex is having an existential crisis, but it is somehow more under control than the regular part of the fanbase. This is a Chernobyl level meltdown for the Wolverines.

Former Michigan players may be the most upset about the current state of the program. Charles Woodson had to sit there on FOX’s halftime show, next to Urban Meyer, and try and say that the Wolverines were going to come back and win.

Laughing to keep from crying for sure.

This poor kid! What, besides choosing to go to a dumb school, did this poor bastard do to deserve this very public roasting?

Oh, he’s a Michigan fan? Yeah, sure, roast away!

The schadenfreude (THERE’S THE GERMAN WORD!) comes for us all eventually, so it’s best to revel in it when it’s against your opponent. Soon we’ll all fall.