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Badgers climb to No. 13 in SB Nation’s FanPulse Poll

Even after a bye, Wisconsin continues to rise.

The Badgers were off this week, which means they couldn’t lose, and in turn means they moved up in this week’s release of SB Nation’s FanPulse Poll. In the National Poll of all SB Nation sites, the Badgers moved up to No. 13 meaning the ol’ don’t play, don’t drop strategy payed off for Wisconsin once again.

Much of the FanPulse ratings stayed the same at the top with Clemson, Alabama, Georgia, and LSU occupying the top four spots. Ohio State led the way for the Big Ten as expected, coming in at No. 6. Michigan came in second at No. 11, just two spots ahead of Wisconsin, which obviously sets up a huge match up this coming Saturday as the Wolverines come to Madison.

Penn State held on at No. 14, and Iowa climbed to No. 18 after their 18 hour battle was handed to them in gift wrap by the Cyclones punt return team. Michigan State remained in the Top 25 as did Maryland after embarrassing losses for each team.

Among the Wisconsin fans polled, the Badgers had an average ranking of No. 10 which is one spot ahead of the Michigan Wolverines. Michigan fans severely disagreed as they ranked themselves at No. 9, but kept the Badgers at No. 13. Safe to say Wisconsin will have something to prove come Saturday afternoon.

In addition to the top-25 poll, SB Nation also measured the confidence rating of each fanbase and how those figures compared from week one to week three. Confidence appears to be holding strong, although there looks like there might be an ever so slight dip from week two to week three. Not sure what the problem is, they’re currently outscoring opponents 110-0. I know us Badger fans exude confidence but what more can they do?! I am guessing a home victory over Michigan would give that final boost to some of the critics.

All in all, it has been a good three weeks for the Badgers but the narrative changes this week as Wisconsin enters Big Ten play. With such a quality opponent right out of the gate, we’ll get a good feel for whether or not the Badgers are truly a top-ten team, or if they overachieved in the first two weeks. I personally believe it’s the first statement, but we’ll have to wait and see.

There’s still time to sign up with FanPulse if you’d like to voice your opinion! If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up and keep the Badgers on the rise, and keep Minnesota out!