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Feel good Friday: Pankowski top-30 finalist for NCAA Woman of the Year

Plus: THE good decision, Wisconsin Jublilee and, of course, JJ Watt

UW Athletics

You know the rules, only good vibes today! Here are five reasons to feel good this Friday. I recommend listening to the Beach Boys while reading this post. Headphones in!

Reason 1: Annie Pankowski top-30 for NCAA Woman of the Year

Wisconsin women’s hockey standout Annie Pankowski is simply one of the best athletes to ever play at the University of Wisconsin in any sport. She put the team on her back in an amazing national championship run in 2019, and she also lived The Wisconsin Idea and Wisconsin Experience through her scholarship and volunteer work.

Her accomplishments include but are not limited to:

  • Three-time Patty Kazmaier Memorial Award finalist
  • 2019 WCHA Player of the Year
  • Three-time All-American
  • 206 career points and 95 career goals
  • School record for short-handed goals (nine)
  • NCAA Elite 90 Award in 2016 for her GPA
  • Big Ten Medal of Honor in 2019
  • Big Ten Postgraduate Scholarship for her graduate studies at the UW School of Veterinary Medicine
  • 2000 hours volunteering with OccuPaws

“It is definitely exciting to be among the top-30 women of the year in the NCAA,” Pankowski said.

“As I look back on my last year as a Badger, I am so honored to have been a part of that team’s history and recognized on such a big individual stage.”

It hasn’t all been easy for Pankowski, who was shockingly cut from the 2018 US Olympic roster.

The best way to understand what kind of challenge this meant for Pankowski is to check out her myWords article from last November.

However, she rose from that adversity and capped off an incredible 2018-19 season with Wisconsin by this spectacular short-handed goal.

Pankowski puts Badgers up 2-0 over Minnesota with this shorthanded goal to win the national championship

Coach Mark Johnson remarked, “She’s a total package and I’m so happy that she’s getting recognized for all her efforts and her time in becoming a better person.”

Pankowski joins former women’s hockey star Sara Bauer as the only UW alumnae to be a top-30 finalist for this prestigious award.

Reason 2: THE US Patent & Trademark office made a good decision

This is hilarious. I don’t know anything about trademark law, but I recommend this video by LegalEagle about trademarks to learn more.

If LeBron James’ #TacoTuesday is a debatable trademark, THE can’t be debatable, right?

Reason 3: Admitting you were wrong

The Monday Night Football battle between the Houston Texans and the New Orleans Saints was crazy in the second half, but there was also controversy in the first half!

Folks on the internet were bothered by the yellow down and distance graphic ESPN used. However, ESPN admitted the fans were right and switch the graphic.

This is a good lesson—it is good to be wrong and acknowledge it! Learning from mistakes makes me happy. I honestly love the critical feedback I get on this website; it makes me a better writer.

Reason 4: Kids being nice to each other

We all have a choice when seeing someone in need, and these young people made a very good choice and made the world a little better.

Reason 5: This song by Charlie Berens has been stuck in my head

And I love it! Berens, the host of da Manitowoc Minute, released this gem yesterday. Hopefully Good Vibrations is about finished by the time you’re at this part of the article.

Bonus reasons:

  • I’m happy for Matt Millen. The B1G Story about him was heartwarming.
  • Wisconsin football is efficient. Unfortunately, I’m having trouble locating Michigan on this list.
  • JJ Watt is a good person, part 183875