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Beer Review: Ale Asylum Keep ‘er Movin’ & Ghosted

Two beers from the Madison staple that are worth checking out as you enjoy a stress free college football Saturday.

Ahhh, it’s Saturday morning and your favorite college football team is already 1-0. What a freaking feeling!

That means today you can watch roughly 1,000 hours of college football without a care in the world. Nebraska losing to South Alabama in the second quarter? Fire off that hate-filled tweet about Scott Frost, no worries about retribution this week! Northwestern getting steamrolled by Stanford? Take another sip of your beer and smile friend, the Badgers beat USF 49-0.

I’d imagine, then, that the most important decision of your day may be which of Wisconsin’s many fine beers you’ll be enjoying while basking in non-stressful football bliss. May I humbly offer two suggestions from Ale Asylum, a Madison, Wis. staple?

Ale Asylum Keep ‘er Movin’

So I did not know this when my buddy Joel brought a six-pack of this beer to my house a few weeks ago, but Keep ‘er Movin’ is a collaboration beer.

I’d imagine many of you have seen the Manitowoc Minute, which is a funny video series where Charlie Berens reads the news in a THICK Wisconsin accent, but didn’t know that Berens helped Ale Asylum brew this beer. Or maybe you did, I don’t live in Wisconsin anymore so what the hell do I know?

Anyways, “keep ‘er movin’” is one of Berens’ catch phrases and also looks really nice on a can of beer. In an interview with Brewbound, co-owner of Ale Asylum, Otto Dilba, had this to say about teaming up with Berens:

“I’m from northern Wisconsin so Charlie’s tongue-in-cheek take on the Wisconsin experience strikes a chord with me. His sense of humor will strike a chord with anyone that has a funny bone,” says Ale Asylum Co-Founder Otto Dilba. “Ale Asylum is excited to share this laid back lager with our fellow cheeseheads and those familiar enough with Wisconsin mannerisms to laugh and drink along with us.”

Much like the oh-so-coveted New Glarus Spotted Cow, Keep ‘er Movin’ is only available in Wisconsin. The light, crisp pilsner is perfect for the end of summer, moving into fall weather that we are having right now and would be a good tailgate beer to have in your cooler along with Miller Lite and PBR.

Ale Asylum Ghosted

Hazy IPAs have been trendy style of beer for a couple of years now, and while still “cool” in the beer world their popularity isn’t as high as it once was.

That being said, it is always exciting when a brewery I like does something new with a hop varietal that you can’t ever get again. That’s right, Ghosted is a one-time only beer that utilizes Experimental #06300 hops, which are now extinct. You grab a six-pack of this and you’re drinking history!

“The hops in this beer are already considered extinct,” says Ale Asylum brewmaster Dean Coffey. “No one could recreate this beer, because the hops are no longer being grown.”

There is a tropical fruitiness to this beer that was pleasing to me while I enjoyed one on my patio and I could definitely see enjoying more than one in a sitting. According to Ale Asylum’s website they still have this beer on tap and I’d guess there are still cans at liquor stores, but once this one is gone, it’s gone.