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B5Q Blogopean Union: GAMEDAY

Plus: men’s hockey is looking good; the Gophers football team is not; women’s soccer score a brilliant OT winner

Dave Gaustad,

Good morning! This is going to be a daily(ish) post that discusses the goings on of the rest of the Big Ten Conference, and the country as needed. Much like the European Union, the Big Ten is a loosely confederated group of entities that sometimes have the same goals (like free movement of people between countries or not winning national titles in football or basketball) and sometimes accept new members that they later regret (Estonia or Rutgers).

We hope that you will use this post to comment on things happening around the conference and also as a sort of daily open thread to discuss breaking news or argue about Spotted Cow.


We need to find out if Danny Vanden Boom is really the best ping pong player on the team or if Madison Cone is a liar.

  • A quick recruiting rankings update.
  • We will have an entire post later this morning with every link you’ll need to get ready for the game tonight, so I will refrain from linking to a bunch of them here as well.
  • Volleyball is in North Carolina to open the season tonight as well. When in North Carolina, play a little basketball. It’s good to respect your hosts.

Rock has a preview of the games against UNC and FSU coming later today.

  • I haven’t been this excited about the men’s hockey team in years. I am ready to get hurt again!
  • Overtime. In-state rivalry. Game winner.

Btw, that is Lauren Rice’s sixth (!!!!!!) game-winning goal of her career. The Badgers outshot Marquette 18-1, so this goal was a long time coming tbqh.

  • The men’s soccer team will look to keep the good vibes going at McClimon Soccer Complex tonight.
  • Loyal Crawford and the Davis brothers after their game Thursday night.

What’s that? You want to hear Crawford’s stats? I guess I could find those for you.

  • Rutgers new uniforms are good and you are wrong if you think otherwise!

SDSU had a kick return for a touchdown called back on a tough holding call, gave up a pick six on a play where their freshman QB should have just taken a sack and then fumbled on a botched RPO play when driving for a score up 21-20.

The Jackrabbits out-rushed Minnesota, out-gained Minnesota overall, had more first downs than Minnesota and Tanner Morgan was battled to a draw by SDSU’s freshman QB J’Bore Gibbs. Minnesota looked bad, especially in the trenches, and have a butt-load to work on before Big Ten play.

  • Just remember: don’t do anything around your kids or else you’ll just get owned.