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B5Q Roundtable: Twitter poll prop bets season preview

We asked you, the people, to vote on topics last week. Now we let us, also the people I suppose, discuss them.

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the first B5Q Roundtable of the 2019 football season! We made it, y’all. There is actual, real life college football on your TVs this week! Let’s discuss the various Twitter polls that were posted last week and see if our writers agree with the general consensus or if someone (Bob, most likely) has some CRAZY idea on who will lead the team in tackles.

Who will lead the team in tackles?

Matt Belz: While I think Chris Orr makes a lot of sense given his experience, I have liked what Jack Sanborn has done in fall camp. He is a load coming downhill, and he has good speed. I think the former four-star recruit could be in for a big year, and I think he will lead the team in tackles.

Tyler Hunt: Well, for the defense’s sake I hope its a linebacker. Last year a few members of the secondary were towards the top of the tackles leaderboard which isn’t what you want. I think the obvious answer is Chris Orr, and he’ll most definitely be up there, but I have to go with Jack Sanborn. He just seems to have a nose for the football and appears to be the next Wisconsin linebacker that goes out and gets the job done.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 10 Wisconsin at Penn State Photo by Gregory Fisher/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Bob Wiedenhoeft: No matter who has the most tackles, Orr will lead the team in tackles. Orr’s the type of player whose leadership goes beyond the boundaries of his stat line. He also will have the most tackles. (Aren’t I a fancy writer for considering both meanings of the verb “lead.”) (Editor’s note: SMH)

Ryan Mellenthin: I have to agree with the people and say Chris Orr. It’s hard to ignore his experience. I think Sanborn will be up there, but I still think that Orr finishes atop the team ranks.

Will Jack Coan have over or under 2,500.5 yards passing this year?

Matt: While Coan has looked good in fall camp, there has only been four times that an individual UW quarterback has hit that benchmark the past ten seasons. And one of those years was with Russell Wilson. Because of that, and the possibility of other quarterbacks getting snaps due to injury or performance, I’m going under.

Tyler: I love playing unders, and this is an under play. Just don’t see how Coan gets to that mark in 2019. However, it is one bet that I would be ok with getting wrong. If Coan throws for that many yards, this team is probably in a really good spot come December.

Bob: There’s no way I could commit to the over since I’m not convinced he will hold the starting job through all 15 games Wisconsin will play this season. Watch out for my boy Chase Wolf! Best name on the team.

Ryan: I’m going to say under. With Chryst’s penchant for using multiple QBs and the fact that they have multiple QBs that are worth playing, I think it will be hard for Coan to get the reps to exceed 2,500.5.

Who will have the most sacks?

Matt: I think the blend of size, speed, and athletic ability that Izayah Green-May brings to the table will allow him to jump up and grab the top spot in sacks this year. While he is only a sophomore, he has been a factor all fall camp in pass rushing drills.

Tyler: Green-May or Baun will be up there. If defenses really key on Baun, the way they should, Green-May could have a monster year. He’s lengthy, and he’s got the speed to be a strong edge rusher. If they realize they can’t key on Baun as much he’ll be even more productive. I think both edge guys in a 3-4 have to work as a tandem to really make this thing go.

Bob: Green-May has a little bit of that Nigel Hayes charm, and he has had a really good camp.

I think Green-May has a chance to be a fan favorite, and he will lead the team in sacks eventually. I’ll go chalk and say Baun will have the most sacks in 2019. Why? Because I flipped a coin.

Ryan: After missing the 2017 season, Zack Baun rebounded and had a great 2018 and I think that will continue in 2019. I think Green-May will have a big season as well, with all the hype that he has garnered during camp. He and Baun will hopefully give opposing offenses fit, rushing from both sides.

Will Jonathan Taylor have more rushing yards than the team has passing yards?

Matt: After choosing Coan to hit the under with passing yards, this may sound weird but I am going to say no. I think the team passing totals will outperform Taylor, whose rushing numbers may take a slight dip with an added emphasis on getting him the ball in the passing game.

Tyler: I’m banking on some new wrinkles in the offense, and JT getting more touches in the passing game. If that’s the case the number will be close, but I’ll lean towards no.

Bob: I think there is a good chance that Taylor will complete more 40+ yard runs this season than the team will complete 40+ yard pass plays. Assuming that Taylor doesn’t have 300+ receiving yards this season, I will never bet against Taylor.

Ryan: While he did in 2018, I don’t think he will in 2019. With the talent at quarterback and Taylor’s added inclusion in the passing game, I think it will be close, but he will fall short of edging out the team’s passing output, with his legs.

Will Wisconsin’s leading receiver have more than this number of yards?

Matt: I will go with 400. There are so many different pass catching options that I think there will be as many as four or five players that could beat that number of 400, but I don’t know if I sense anyone separating with a big season of 600+ yards.

Tyler: Someone certainly could get to that mark. I think Danny Davis has the big play ability to be a chunk yards receiver. Coan and Davis appeared to have a connection towards the end of last year, and hopefully that carries over into 2019. I believe Davis is one of the most underrated wideouts in the Big Ten and is poised for a big year if we have a QB that can get him the football.

Bob: I just don’t have a lot of optimism about the passing game this season. I think there are solid receivers on this team, and if anyone becomes a favorite target, I’m not sure there is anyone good enough to produce with double coverage. Also, a handful of big plays could get you ¼ of the way to 600 yards receiving; is there anyone who is going to be both a consistent target and an occasional home run hitter? I think a bunch of receivers will be in the 300-450 range with maybe one getting up to 500.

Ryan: I think the leading receiver will wind up with 500+ yards. I also think they will have a couple with 500+. With Coan having a year under his belt and Mertz lurking in the depth chart, I think there will be plenty of opportunities for players this season to rack up the yards. Not to mention, they will get a full year of Danny Davis. Like Matt mentioned, there are a lot of possible targets, but I don’t think there is enough to spread around for someone to go over 600.

(Editor’s note: These questions were answered before it was announced that Quintez Cephus had been reinstated and certain people were already trying to amend their answers on our Slack chat.)