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Wisconsin football unveils new uniform for 2019

The Badgers are getting some new digs this fall

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Wisconsin football dropped some news on us this afternoon, unveiling a new uniform set that the Badgers will wear this fall. The new duds will be worn against Northwestern on September 28th at Camp Randall. The Wildcats will also be wearing a new outfit, similar to the one Wisconsin will be donning. I’m sure Pat Fitzgerald was a big proponent to the throwbacks, honoring a simpler time where kids weren’t glue to the phones.

The uniform is clearly a throwback, a testament to the jerseys the team wore in 1889 when the program was founded. The jersey features a UW on the front of the chest, paying homage to uniforms the team wore in 1889, 1890, and 1891 seasons. The helmet will be the traditional white, with the same UW logo featured on the helmet. The biggest area of change is the pants, which will be a khaki color that will make Jim Harbaugh wish he was visiting a week later.

The new uniform is a nice change up to the classic look that Wisconsin has worn for the last five years or so. I believe this alternate uniform is the first the Badgers have had since the 2012/2013 time period when they rocked a special uniform against Nebraska. The only other change up since then has been the beloved red helmets which made their last appearance in 2013. While some fans may not love it, but the players seem to be pretty receptive to the kit. Look good, feel good, play good. Right?

It’s definitely not the flashiest uniform, and the reception from some fans has not been its peak. Certainly fans have clamored for a more modern look, but Wisconsin tends to keep their ties to tradition and history rather than flash something new. And if you don’t like it? Just be thankful you only have to see it once!