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Most Important Badgers for 2019, No. 9: Kendric Pryor

We are counting down the most important players for UW in 2019.

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Northwestern David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

To continue our summer of football preview content at Bucky’s 5th Quarter, we are counting down Wisconsin’s Top 10 Most Important Players for the 2019 football season. These aren’t necessarily the “best” players on Wisconsin’s team, although you will find many of those listed, but they have been deemed the most important to Wisconsin’s success this year by our motley crew of writers.

There was much debate via email over who should be on the list and it even resulted in Drew going to Owen’s house and ding dong ditching him. Cooler heads eventually prevailed and now we have our final list to present to you.

Here is No. 9 on that list: Wide Receiver Kendric Pryor

2018 stats: 13 games played (6 starts), 23 receptions, 273 yards receiving, 3 touchdowns. 12 carries, 116 yards rushing.

2018 year in review: Pryor came into 2018 with some experience from the previous season where he played in nine games as a redshirt freshman. After a host of injuries in 2017 at the receiver position, Pryor emerged as a quality target for the Badgers with an impressive touchdown grab against Iowa. In 2018, Pryor continued to progress and became a key piece in both the passing and running game.

Between carrying and catching the football, Pryor touched the ball as much as the likes of Jake Ferguson and Danny Davis III, further proving that he was an important part of the Wisconsin offensive game plan.

2019 year in preview: Look I know what you’re thinking, Danny Davis III and AJ Taylor seemed to be more of a presence in 2018. In a way, you’re right. However, this list is about the most important players for Wisconsin in 2019, not just the best stats. Davis may be the #1 receiver in most eyes, but at a position like wideout you need a plethora of options to not only catch the ball, but to also open the field for others. Pryor provides all those needs, making him a key component in 2019.

To me, Pryor is the most versatile player in the receiving corps and will be used as such this coming season. With the Badgers looking to freshen up some of the offensive schemes, I expect Pryor to be used not only in the passing game, but also in the running game as he was last season. Can you say jet sweep? (insert heart eye emoji) With more opportunity, Pryor should not only have a solid season personally, but also help the Wisconsin offense with some variation in 2019.