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B5Q Blogopean Union: I’m Feeling Patriotic

The USWNT won the whole damn thing and i’m here for it

Soccer: Womens World Cup-USA vs Netherlands Michael Chow-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning (or afternoon when Drew is on vacation)! This is going to be a daily(ish) post that discusses the goings on of the rest of the Big Ten Conference, and the country as needed. Much like the European Union, the Big Ten is a loosely confederated group of entities that sometimes have the same goals (like free movement of people between countries or not winning national titles in football or basketball) and sometimes accept new members that they later regret (Estonia or Rutgers).

We hope that you will use this post to comment on things happening around the conference and also as a sort of daily open thread to discuss breaking news or argue about Spotted Cow.

Isn’t it crazy how sometimes the stars just align? It gets kind of eerie how sometimes things just work out a certain way. That seemed to be the case this past weekend as the US Women’s National Team took down the Netherlands and won the World Cup. As exciting as that is, its just the beginning of it.

They managed to win the whole damn thing on 4th of July weekend, which to me is pretty, pretty neat. As if you weren't feeling patriotic enough already? The ladies went out and dominated the rest of the world on the nation’s most patriotic weekend.

As if THAT wasn’t cool enough, our personal favorite and former Badger Rose Lavelle came through in the biggest moment and all but iced the game away with a goal to put the US up 2-0....OH, and it was in the 69th minute, so, nice. (Editor’s note: OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG)

A former Badger, clinching the world’s biggest game on her home countries biggest celebration? By all those circumstances, I think you need to get your health checked if that doesn’t give you at least a little tickle of patriotic pride.

With so much tension and divide in our country day in and day out, it was pretty cool to see everyone come together for this tournament, right Bleacher Report?

From Oprah and Lebron, to Alex Morgan and Rose Lavelle. You made us proud! USA! USA! USA!