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Wisconsin football recruiting: One more big official visit weekend

There are fewer players visiting this weekend, but some key prospects will still be on campus.

Troy v Wisconsin Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

June is a rough month for the average college football fan. There hasn’t been a meaningful game played since Clemson stomped Alabama in January and the first game of the new season isn’t for another two months! Luckily, we at Bucky’s 5th Quarter aren’t “average college football fans,” we are above average in both looks and hunger for knowledge on OFFICIAL VISITS FOR ‘CROOTS!

Last weekend saw a huge number of recruits on campus but hasn’t led to any commitments as of yet. The Badgers, by all accounts, did make a good impression on everyone who was there and sometimes you just have to play the waiting game while recruiting 17-year olds.

Wisconsin has nine solid commits for 2020 and four targets will be in Madison for their official visit staring on Friday. Let’s take a look at which players will be on campus this weekend.

All star rankings use the 247Sports Composite.

Preston Zachman, Unranked ATH, Catawissa, Pennsylvania (Southern Columbia Area High School)

Zachman is a name you may not have heard until recently which is why he us currently unranked on 247Sports and a low 2-star on Rivals. Here is what he said to BadgerBlitz after he attended Wisconsin’s camp last weekend.

“Well, I went to Wisconsin’s camp last weekend and they basically had no idea who I was,” Zachman told “But after the camp they came up to me and said how impressed they were with me, and I’ve been in touch with them since.”

Zachman will most likely play linebacker in college, although whether it is inside or outside probably depends on the school. His best offer currently is Army, so the Badgers could get in here early (for the Power 5 schools) and have an in with Zachman, who is an intriguing talent.

Max Lofy, 3-star CB, Colorado Springs, Colorado (Pine Creek)

So, I don’t want to read too much into this but...after scouring Lofy’s Twitter account I noticed that he basically writes the same tweet every time he receives an offer. It looks like this, give or take a few words.

HOWEVAH, you’ll notice on his Wisconsin offer tweet he adds an extremely important word to his usual announcement.

Lofy’s parents are from Wisconsin, and reportedly big Badgers fans, so Paul Chryst and co. had a pretty early in with him. This is Lofy’s first visit to Madison and he seemed to enjoy his visits to Minneapolis and Stillwater, so he might not be a Wisconsin “lock” but things are trending in the right direction for the 5’11” corner.

Kevontre Bradford, 4-star RB, Lancaster, Texas (Lancaster)

His Twitter banner picture is of The Flash, he has The Flash in his bio and in this video he crosses the goal line like a sprinter finishing a race.

Dude is fast, is what we are trying to say. There had been reports that Bradford would be on campus last weekend but that didn’t materialize and so, here he is this weekend. Bradford is already receiving some preseason shine in the Dallas metro area.

Kaden Johnson, 4-star LB, Minneapolis, Minnesota (Minnehaha Academy)

Johnson has been a player even I, a relatively casual follower of recruiting, knew the Badgers were interested in for a long time. This is his first official visit and he mentioned that he’s also planning on going to Nebraska and the hometown Gophers are also in the mix.

Johnson is an all-around monster on the field and would be a great addition to the recent assembly line of NFL-ready linebackers that the Badgers have been producing.

UPDATE: Johnson has landed in Madison and received a hug from Paul Chryst! CHRYST IS A HUGGER!