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Introducing Drew Hamm as manager of Bucky’s 5th Quarter

Oh snap! Here. We. Go!

NCAA Football: Brigham Young at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Hello Bucky’s 5th Quarter community,

I am extremely excited to announce that a new site manager has been chosen! He already contributes to B5Q and has done so since 2014. Now, he will take over the reins of this fine community starting June 1.

::imagine pryo, fireworks and Michael Buffer’s voice::

Please congratulate and welcome to the new role, Drew Hamm!

Here’s a little more about Drew and what to expect from the site, in his own words:

As I sit here despondent about the The Process and the 76ers imminent series loss to the Raptors, I can’t help but think about the future. Will Joel Embiid ever move out of the daycare he lives in where he is constantly contracting airborne illnesses? To how many national titles will Graham Mertz lead the Badgers? (spoiler alert: it’s three and then he leaves early as the number one pick in both the NFL draft and People’s Sexiest Man Alive issue) What will people talk about after Game of Thrones ends?

The future, however dour it may seem at times, is actually filled with promise. Badger fans can often be a sullen, pessimistic lot (especially those who grew up cheering for pro sports teams from Philadelphia) but I don’t think that needs to be the default setting for us. I think we can exist in a more positive and hopefully space. As inevitable as an Ohio state university conference title, or loss in Evanston, or 400-plus yard rushing game against Nebraska, or Thanos, seems ... it doesn’t always have to be that way. I mean in the last decade, the Red Sox and Cubs have won World Series titles, the Eagles won a Super Bowl against the Patriots, Leicester City won the Premier League and Virginia became the first team to ever win a national title after losing as a one seed to a 16 seed the year before in college basketball.

Bonkers shit happens all the time in sports and I think cheering for that to happen is so much more fun than sitting around waiting for Wisconsin to lose to Iowa 9-7 in football (or basketball tbqh). I pledge to keep things fun around here, because sports should be fun after all, while also holding players, coaches and administrators accountable for their actions on and off the field. I want to maintain the volume of posts you’ve come to expect from us as well as the high quality of those posts. I want to make you proud to be a Badger fan and I also want to provide you with ammo to win any bar argument you may get in about Jonathan Taylor’s high school track career.

I want to thank Jake, Mike and Adam Hoge for all they’ve done here over the years. This is a truly wonderful place that y’all have built to discuss the Badgers and I look forward to keeping it that way. However, when you come back to visit don’t be surprised at what you find because the inmates are running the asylum now, baby. Let’s get that money.

I am so excited to see the upcoming vision of what B5Q can become under Drew’s direction. He continually showcased his talents over the years in terms of basketball content, roundtable discussions, beer and bar reviews, podcast episodes, and delivering his popular “B1G Roast” during football and basketball seasons (oh yeah, cannot forgot those spring and fall specialist previews).

He shines in displaying an intelligent fan’s point of view while offering a truly unique, witty perspective. I have long believed he has been “The Voice” of the site, and now he will guide the proverbial ship starting early this summer.

As always, we will continue delivering all the latest news, analysis and features regarding Wisconsin athletics. Stay tuned for more!

Roll Damn Stave,