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Bucky’s 5th Podcast, Ep. 75: What awaits two Badgers in South Beach; Wisconsin mailbag

The Phinsider gives us the scoop on two Wisconsin players in Miami!

Jake Kocorowski

We analyze more 2019 NFL Draft repercussions for former Wisconsin Badgers on this week’s show, as we welcome on The Phinsider’s Josh Houtz to discuss what’s ahead for offensive lineman Michael Deiter and linebacker Andrew Van Ginkel in the AFC East. Plus, we answer your questions!

Here is the full breakdown:

  • Initial rookie minicamp reactions for Deiter and Van Ginkel
  • Reactions to the selections of the two Wisconsin standouts and the Miami Dolphins draft overall
  • What are the expectations not just for the former Badgers going forward, but for the rebuilding organization as well?
  • At the end of the show, we go through our digital mailbag to answer some of your questions!